The Simpsons: Hit & Run Source Code Has Leaked Online

The Source code for the classic open-world game has supposedly leaked online.

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sourOG96d ago

Holy shit that sucks. And before they even announced it. They pissed someone off internally lol. It sounds like some spiteful shit tbh.

But it’s kinda awesome for older games at the same time. That little niche community is set lol. Remasters forever.

Profchaos96d ago

I wonder if this was a dev that was pissed off regarding the remaster being pulled.

Fntastic96d ago

Modders will probably come in and do it with the source code now anyway. Probably add stuff like online multiplayer like they did with GTA San Andreas, that had a very active online community for years.

Profchaos96d ago

Yeah I love GTA SA MP but they did that without the source code

SimpleSlave96d ago

One more gets away. Cool 👍

Fntastic96d ago

Nice, looks like we'll get a fan made remaster now with updated graphics, probably new missions and other stuff too.

RedDevils95d ago

Can't wait, and it gonna be free.