Every Version of Skyrim Ranked

With the upcoming Anniversary Edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it's time to look over all the different versions of the game and rank them.

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sourOG59d ago

Only 7 lol. Why does it feel like there has been 20?

z2g58d ago

haha totally. I was gonna joke about how many years it took to unarchive and rate them... the originals must of been coded on punch cards lol

sourOG58d ago

That’s weird though lol. It does feel ancient. I guess when you are waiting for the next elder scrolls (which I am) and their new announcements are Skyrim over and over it feels longer than it really is. 7 is a lot but it just feels way older than that lol.

walken759d ago

I agree with the author. The Virtual Boy version was #1 for me as well.

justadelusion59d ago

and ppl think the next elder scrolls will be only on the xbox/pc. no way that happens, it is bugsthesda's main cash cow and they will want to put it on every platform possible and then remaster it for the next decade and a half just like they have done to skyrim

CYALTR59d ago

But, Bethesda is now Microsoft's main cash cow, and they did not buy them for unit sales. I think a PS/Nintendo release is unlikely, unless they decide to allow Game Pass on those systems. They have been pretty clear about their strategy on this. Time will tell I guess. I suppose a timed release is a possibility, but Day 1 is not happening.

Inverno59d ago

So there's a text based Alexa version? That's actually pretty cool tbh

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