Kojima: Twelve Minutes Is So Good


It's Great! I lost track of time and just played it for about four hours! I haven't been into a game this much since INSIDE.

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CrimsonWing6964d ago

It’d be great to have a way to play Snatcher that didn’t involve downloading a rom or paying $1500 for the game.

camel_toad64d ago

I'm a big Kojima fan but I somehow completely missed out on Snatcher.

ApocalypseShadow63d ago

You should play it. Even if by other means.

camel_toad63d ago


Yeh I may just do that. I'm sure there's a rom out there.

gamerben63d ago

Just download the ROM (or more accurately, .iso) really, who cares? I don't know why people like to pretend emulators are morally wrong nowadays especially when the company in question is Konami.

CrimsonWing6963d ago

I want to own a legitimate copy. I’m not opposed to emulators when you can’t get the game by any legitimate means. I’m just saying I’d like a way to have this game that doesn’t require me to pay out the nose or emulate it.

Yui_Suzumiya63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Yeah I've owned that 3 times brand new.. First time was in 1995.. It's my all-time favorite classic game. Still waiting for a sequel though.

DeadManMMX63d ago

I played it on PSP with a Sega Emulator that had the CD plug in. Same place I played Night Trap, Sonic CD and Amazing Spider-Man vs Kingpin. You can also play a fan subtitled version of Policenauts his follow up on there.

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Bathyj64d ago

Looks pretty interesting this game.
Is it only Xbox and PC?

sourOG64d ago

I’m enjoying it so far. Proves that a little creativity can go a long way.

KillaJamm64d ago

The games pretty decent, gets a little tedious after a while but overall was a solid experience.

CS764d ago

Wow. It’s been a while as a PS Fan that I’m interested to play a game and can’t cuz its on Xbox.

Hopefully it comes to PS5.

Notellin63d ago

It's an awesome game. Most likely a year wait for you but potentially 6 months depending upon the deal that was made.

MrNinosan63d ago

You can play it on almost any PC.

CS763d ago

Only have Mac sadly (for work). I do plan to build a PC in the future but right now I only game on PS5.

MrNinosan62d ago

Same, I mainly play on PS5, but have a Series X in case Lost Odyssey 2 would ever release :)

CS761d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@MrNinosan Looking to buy a Series X or S soon as gamepass is becoming too good to ignore.

I’m a PS fan but not a PS fanboy.

PS would always be home, but I’d like to get gamepass to try out games that I generally wouldn’t drop $30-70 on.

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The story is too old to be commented.