Rygar For Wii Delayed...Again

1Up writes:

I have some bad news for people who were looking forward to picking up Rygar: The Battle of Argus for the Wii this's been delayed until February of next year. No reason was cited by Tecmo, but it's likely the publisher wanted to avoid the busy holiday season (after all, the game is entirely done and ready to go). Also, no changes are going to be made to the game in the meantime -- it's just being held for an extra two months. This isn't the first time the game was delayed, either; it was originally supposed to ship earlier this fall. Tecmo will likely make an official announcement of the delay tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately for me, I found out about the delay just this morning...after I spent all last night playing it to have my review ready for tomorrow's release. Sigh. At least I had a great time with it -- the game is just as fun as it was on the PS2, meaning that Wii owners seeking a good God of War or Castlevania style action/adventure game that missed out on Rygar the first time around ought to look forward to it.

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