Killzone 2 Single Player Hands-on Preview - writes: "First things first. You've probably seen screenshots and online videos of the game in action, but nothing prepares you for how good Killzone 2 looks. We got a glimpse of what Guerrilla was capable of with its frame-rate challenged PS2 original, but here it seems it's had the time to show just what the PS3 can do. Compared to other PS3 heavy hitters, like Resistance 2, it's as if we've entered a new generation. Whereas Insomniac's fun shooter at times felt rather run of the mill in design and quality, Killzone 2 drips with detail and depth. No matter where you look there's something to marvel at."

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Nineball21123603d ago

I can't wait until February... More excited about this game than I have been for a game in a long time.

beavis4play3603d ago

but not for a shooter. KZ2 looks better than anything i've seen. it's gritty, immersive and chaotic. the combat seems visceral and the helghast are a menacing ememy.
this is gonna be sweet!

Xbox Street Gang3603d ago

"It's fair to say that we're impressed by Killzone 2. Hype can work in two ways. A good game on the back of years of hype can change the industry forever (Halo), whereas a bad game on the back of a wave of hype can tarnish a brand. Two bad games in a row can end it forever. From what we've seen Killzone 2 not only has a chance of becoming the leading PS3 FPS, but also the leading FPS on all platforms, both on and offline. If Guerrilla can even come close to achieving such greatness PS3 gamers will be in for a hell of a treat in February."

Xbox Street Gang3603d ago

Indeed. There is no way to spin it now...

Production values alone net it a solid 9.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3603d ago

...This makes a change on, some nice PS3 News!!!;)
Try harder xBot Zombie Cavemen Lemmings!!! ;-D
You WILL FAIL(Just like the 1st xBox...Where is that???) ;-D

robert02673602d ago

visit the black mesa source site http://www.blackmesasource.... killzone looks really smooth.

pp3603d ago

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. OWNAGE.

ViceKingz3603d ago

too bad for you that ps3 owners can enjoy both. double the fun.

DA_SHREDDER3603d ago

Screw review ratings. After all the bias towards the ps3, are you people really gonna care what the game gets metacritically? Im getting it for myself, not because some 30 year old virgin told me its good or not.

SL1M DADDY3603d ago

Any tool that goes by reviews is simply having some other person making up their mind for them and I cannot do that. KZ2 looks awesome but as with any other game, it is a rental and then purchase. I get new games for 40 bucks through Gamefly so yeah, I have ulterior motives for renting. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.