Midnight Club LA Gets AI Patch

The folks at Rockstar emailed us this morning to let us know that a patch is coming for Midlight Club LA. The update is currently available for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

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clinker4306d ago

Wait, who are the people saying that this game is too hard?

Dimitri4306d ago

I regret that I ever got this game. Its ridiciolous.
Ive seen more customizing in NFS: Underground 2. Crap online and fuking hard story line which could be broken with the motorbikes. You could be going top speed on the motorbike and take a SHARP left turn and dont damage, in other words, take a left perfectly, and what i seem to notice is that the cars when played on Hardest also do this.

But when i try to take a left turn like the cars on hardest its fuking impossible.

This game was rushed. I want my money back ;/