Planet Xbox 360: Shaun White Snowboarding Review

The Snowboarding Sports genre has made a rather sparse and lacklustre appearance on this generation of consoles. It's been spotted up in the mountains with all the tantalisingly scant frequency of Bigfoot, only to arrive at the gamer-crowded foothills in a snowballed mess. Previous attempts to bring long-lasting entertainment to the genre, then, have been disappointments, tripped-up somewhere along their development tracks on the way to the commercial finishing line. Shaun White Snowboarding tries hard to remedy this by putting on a good show for the crowd, but it's ultimately unrewarding and doesn't provide the complete overhaul of the genre that it promises.

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sak5003654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

IF they put the song "dude looks like a lady" in the game it might attract few more people.

borgome3654d ago

Somebody's jelous of Shaun Whiiiite.

Caspel3653d ago

I'd rather play it on the Wii.