‘Abandoned’ creator Hasan Kahraman: "how are we scammers?”

'Abandoned' creator Hasan Kahraman says claims that Blue Box Game Studios are "scammers" are affecting him and the studio.

NecrumOddBoy649d ago

This isn’t fun or interesting anymore.

Inverno649d ago

Yea but isn't it the media and people speculating that has blown all of this out of proportion? They haven't really sold anything to anyone besides what seems to be a failed early access game which you can't buy into anymore. All this bitching and moaning are coming from the same people who started to rumours of SH. Think it's safe to assume now that this wasn't their intentions cause a reveal wouldn't take this long

EvertonFC649d ago

I would normally agree but in this case they have only themselves to blame if it isn't silent hill or MGS or kojima related.
Having said that kojima and Sony could have said something by now if it's not them?

CS7649d ago

I mean saying your horror game title “starts with S and ends with L” is just inviting pressure on yourself.

To then afterwards post a photo that looks like Solid Snake… You know what you are doing.

Then have the gaming world hyped and release 4 second trailer with no additional information is pretty dumb.

They want the attention. I blame Hasan and his team, if they’re even a real studio. They deserve no sympathy.

ocelot07649d ago


Thing is even Yoshida was kind of promoting this on twitter a few days ago. So something's up.

SinisterKieran648d ago

they could be lying...but they're made a vide and have said on twitter that their project is nothing to do with silent hill. i think they said kojima too.

Ninver648d ago

No it's not the peoples fault for being kept in the dark and making their own assumptions of what it could be. The studio knew what they were doing. Instead of coming out and laying it all on the ground about what the game is, they rode the unworthy hype train. Now they're paying for it.

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649d ago
scofios649d ago

Thats theire own fault and of those supposedly insinders and youtube click seekers .

CaptainHenry916649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

It's not fun because everyone thought this was Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill when the developers said it wasn't. But they did do this to themselves though. It feels like they tried to advertise and market their game for a lot of attention. They definitely did that part right but it's about to backfire on them LOL. An indie studio shouldn't be getting this type of attention like a AAA game

Vanfernal648d ago

They tweeted their horror game's title "Starts with and S and ends with an L". It's not like they didn't fuel the flame themselves.

CaptainHenry916648d ago


They made a mistake doing that

babadivad648d ago

I keep hearing about Abandoned but I have no clue what it is or about.

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AmUnRa649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

You know he is right. The internet is a blessing but more often a curse.
There are people in commentsections and on YouTube and on Twitter and other channels think they can say anything without thinking what impact that has on people.
They must be called for and that sort of people must be banned. Dont come with this bullshit of free speech. Think before you write something. Dont write something when you are mad about it, dont pretend that you have the right to demand things you want.
Use your brain, calm down, think about it first before wright something down.Hurting peopleis just a sign of a bad character, nothing more nothing less.

ANIALATOR136649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

If you don't like something somebody writes, just turn the bloody internet off. It's not up to you what people can and cannot say.

AmUnRa649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

Yeah, i disagree, there are still norms and values when people communicate with each other. Turning of the internet is not the solution.
People hiding behind the keyboard and think they can say whatever they want, is just wrong.
You can disagree with somebody but calling people names, threaten with voilence ore deadthreaths are way out of line.
Its so wrong. Keep it civil, give counter arguments of what you think.
Discusion is great but keep it civil.
Thats the way people should communicate with eachother. The internet would be a better place.

dreamed648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Damn right brother 👍....I love how liberal minded ppl want to ban every one and everything that they don't like....😂😂 😂

CS7649d ago

Ummmmmmmmm…. No sorry.

They did this to themselves.

When people think you are Kojima you should not:
a) State that you are making a horror game “that starts with S and ends with L”

b) Do cryptic image reveals with characters that look like Solid Snake

c) Hype the world up for a “real time trailer” that is 4 seconds

Doing those things are incredibly dumb and you are just asking for a HUGE backlash to your project, yourself and your team.

If this guy really did these things “unknowingly”, he has a really low IQ.

But he didn’t; he knows exactly what he is doing. No sympathy from me.

MWeaver589648d ago

While I'm not surprised the comment section is just a wave of agrees and disagrees, I will say this.

I get Hasan had a plan and he wants to do things his way, but it still isn't clear why he chooses the direction he does. At one point he suggested a marketing plan and an NDA. If it's legitimately nothing and it's seriously so taxing on his life, I don't understand how he can't just release information and end this stuff.

Ultimately, speculation occurs because Hasan remains as vague as possible with his project. Instead of trying to solve it or really doing anything we get stuff like this... It's so bad we legitimately had him reply to someone a week or two ago expressing frustration because someone called his eye patched man a stock asset and suggested he wouldn't do an app like this for that.

But all this does is invite the negativity on him. Whether Hasan would or would not, he has confirmed he DID for the PlayStation Blog. Whether the app is something bigger or not, what we legitimately got was a five second clip that contained nothing promised (haptic feedback, etc) and three days a technical glitches.

Hasan legitimately needs to go back and read the "the boy who cried wolf." There seems to be this sense he deserves the benefit of doubt, without any reflection on why the doubt exists. He squandered that and seems to have no reflection on why he is in this situation, so it just falls on deaf ears.

CorndogBurglar649d ago

I agree with you about people posting comments and the way people talk.

But these guys need to understand something. They've had 6 failed games in development over the past 5 years. He mentions this other game The Haunting in the article. It's never left the Early Access stage and he wanted to just make it free for everyone because it isn't finished and doesn't play correctly. Fair enough. But rather than keep working on the game they just abandoned it to start working on, ironically enough, Abandoned.

That in itself is ridiculous, but what about the people that already paid for The Haunting? Did they get refunds? I honestly don't know and he doesn't say.

But as for Abandoned, all of this controversy would be cleared up if they would just come out and say, "Hey everyone, this our own game and Hideo Kojima has nothing to do with it". But they won't do that, because they are getting huge publicity off of it. If this game didn't look like Silent Hills, which I'm 100% sure was on purpose, it wouldn't even be getting a fraction of the attention it is right now.

So I feel like that's pretty scummy on their part. They are trying to ride the coat tails of a legendary game developer for their own gain. There's really no other reason why they wouldn't have come out and said Kojima isn't involved by now.

leejohnson222649d ago

They do have a pinned tweet saying they are not making silent hill and have nothing to do with kojima. So they did all this a long time ago.
My thought Is Sony will never allow this to go on so long if it was just an indie game. What indie game no one ever heard of makes a ps5 only app and game? It's all very strange but people really forgot moby dick studios

justadelusion649d ago

You must be new to the internet.

649d ago
JackBNimble649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

If you look blue box history it's shit.

They have never completed a project and to try to convince the public that this isn't a scam is laughable.

Even if they miraculously do make a complete game, I have no faith that it would ever be worth playing let a lone worth buying.

Edit: responded to the wrong comment

CS7648d ago

They literally struggled to make 4 second trailer mate.

3 delays. For a 4 second trailer.

Let that sink in…

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Urrakia34649d ago

Blue Box's track record speaks for itself. Besides, Hasan ain't exactly helping himself with the overly ambiguous teases that implied certain things (Out of focus man with eye patch).

kayoss648d ago

well, things happens and sometime it dont go as planned. but he has a point. It didnt sell anyone anything.

kparks649d ago

Can this just go away already I'm tired of hearing about it lol. This entire debacle just shows how stupid people are.

GhostofHorizon649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

There is a really easy solution to this just come out and say what the game actually is and make it clear to everyone that Kojima and Konami are not involved in any way.
Then all the attention you're enjoying would go away so I can see why you wouldn't want to do that but don't complain about it. If you want to ride down this road, don't complain when it gets bumpy.

leejohnson222649d ago

They have a pinned tweet from months ago saying exactly that

ecchiless649d ago

ppl cant read.... ppl is so stupid.

649d ago
CS7648d ago

And then they tweeted an image with someone looking like Solid Snake.

They are playing games with the fans mate.

Show the actual game… Give the actual title and their struggles will end. (Along with all the hype)

This is a pure case self inflicted hurt. (If it isn’t a scam)

frostypants648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

They did that already. The gaming community is full of idiots.