3 Must-Have Features for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 2

KeenGamer: "Jedi: Fallen Order was a successful single player Star Wars game, but it only scratched the surface of the IP's gaming potential. This list details 3 ideas that would tap into that potential; they are a must-have for Fallen Order's steadily approaching sequel."

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Relientk7763d ago

Fast travel between meditation points.

darthv7262d ago

Well that would take away the fun of backtracking. In a game like Darksiders 3, it makes sense as Vulgrim is the keeper of the portals to fast travel between but in the SW universe there is no teleportation (its not Star Trek). the only 'fast travel' is between planets via hyperspace.

AndrewM62d ago

You do realize there is fast travel in midevil games yes?

No Way60d ago

AndrewM - Yeah, but that makes sense cause in those times, it would take literally weeks(!!) to get anywhere.

RyanShutup62d ago

1. cooler accessories instead of ponchos.

PhillyDillyDee62d ago

Right? Let me cut off a stormies arm already.

annoyedgamer62d ago

They could push the T rating like they did with Jedi Academy. But given the trends for mass appeal (Halo 5 is T rated) I don't see EA going for an M rating.

darthv7262d ago

I guess technically there already is. just not on troopers, only the other creatures you face. Cutting off their horns or arms and legs... but yeah to be able to do that to human characters would be welcomed.

dmonee62d ago

I liked fallen order. I purchased it because someone called it Star Wars meets tomb Raider. Ummmm. Not quite. Little rough around the edges but with some time I’m looking forward to a sequel

Outlawzz62d ago

I would like it to be more explorable with more customization in the weapons systems and abilities, doesn't have to be open world but maybe if the areas were a bit more open.

I like the combat a lot but traversal is a bit too linear for me and it's annoying to have to fight everyone again when you rest.

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