Bloodborne First-Person Camera Mod Looks Amazing To Play

Bloodborne in first-person.

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Ratchet7568d ago

Yes, yes and yeeeeees.

Welshy68d ago

@zahdab On paper I agree, but with the spacial awareness you need in those games, looking back and forth so often you'd have motion sickness within 10 minutes lol. Swift and frequent head movements in VR knock me sick for some reason.

68d ago
Vithar68d ago

idk man, souls genre you need spacial awareness, you'll easily get killed by something behind you

SirBillyBones68d ago

It's just a different kind of challenge. I personally think it looks great

toxic-inferno68d ago

It would certainly be good fun for those of us who have played BB a few times and know the game fairly well. A nice new challenge!

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