The Overwhelming And Puzzling Hype Around Abandoned Is Symptomatic Of A Bigger Problem

Abandoned has only served to underline the recent trend where hype reaches critical levels and is so often followed by wholesale disappointment

KillBill658d ago

The larger problem is marketing in a way that insists the user base markets the game versus the actual developers. when you tease a game with little to no information then the user base will create their own idea of what it is and should be. And that will only result in disappointment. Poor marketing.

neomahi658d ago

Theyre not really this incompetent, theyre Computer Science majors. Okay, maybe theyre professional frat boys that have a degree in getting drunk instead but, seriously, theyre not this incompetent and shouldve learned from Shawn Murray of Hello Games, and Sonys PlayStation Store and Network team have as many years experience in this business and have been up on the news enough to know they gotta keep the Network running smooth and keep consumers happy. And Yoshida? Well, he knows how to play the game, hes done this a long time and knows marketing and is quite good friends with Hideo Kojima. Hes known Kojima a heck-of-a lot better and has a more solid relationship than Phil Spencer does, trying to immitate Sony to compete and just to try and keep up.

Blue Box, we're not this nieve.

glennhkboy658d ago

Apparently a lot of PS5 players ARE that naïve. Everything relating Abandoned to Kojima, Silent Hill, MGS, are all from the imagination for the naïve PS5 players.

CaptainHenry916658d ago (Edited 658d ago )

A lot of Playstation fans are going to be disappointed. Better lower your expectations. This indie studio was just looking for attention. They definitely got it 😆 I wish them the very best