Back 4 Blood PS5 Hands-On Preview

If you’ve been thirsting for a new Left 4 Dead game, Turtle Rock Studios has your back. Back 4 Blood is shaping up to be the sequel you’ve been waiting for in all but name – and even that comes eerily close.

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Noz67d ago

I loved Left 4 dead, but after an hour or so i got really bored of back 4 blood, i dont know, maybe left 4 dead is better in my memory than it actually was but something is missing in b4b that gets me excited to play the full version!
Its so calm, and quiet somehow, the zombies are boring and do not feel like a threat, the special zombies are boring as well, big, boring useless zombieboss fights, i still remember the first time i came across a witch in l4d, hol shit that was scary, but in b4b its the typically the bigger the better mentality it seems, this should be a scary, gory, horror coop shooter but it actually is a boring try to reproduce a left 4 dead experience, i am really sad :(

Kaii67d ago

Even with the card system I was beyond bored, I [WANT] co-op type games & only per run can you grab a card slot that Improves something by 5%.

Also, it didn't need pvp imo -_- absolutely squandered resources on dumb things, also the spray unlocks, instead of spending time on artwork for sprays make zombie models terrifying.

Futureshark67d ago

I just thought, "I've played this 10 years ago!"

monkey60267d ago

I'm glad I played the alpha. I had every intention of buying this game but this saved me 60 quid. I was bored within an hour and I'm just not feeling it. Just going to get Battelfield now instead

Elda67d ago

I played for about an hour & a half late Saturday night & it was fun but nothing spectacular or anything new in the genre. It's basically an average co-op shooter zombie game.

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