'Mass Effect 2' is An All-Time Sci-fi Classic

Mass Effect 2 didn't just nail the formula for a successful sequel, it tied together one of the greatest science fiction tales ever.

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Knightofelemia65d ago

ME 2 is the best one out of the trilogy

LordoftheCritics65d ago

My fav game of all time.

After playing two decades of AAA games, there is no match.

Rebel_Scum65d ago

Disagree. The story barely went anywhere. The first game was an epic in world building and story telling. Gameplay was better in 2 though.

robtion65d ago

My favourite game of the trilogy. Assembling your team, getting their backgrounds, more scope, and better gameplay and pacing than the first game. One of the all time greats.

Rebel_Scum65d ago

The pacing wasnt great in 2. From early in the game you’re told to go through the omega 4 relay only to do a bunch of side missions for your crew first. The story doesnt really progress much. Fun game though.