Back 4 Blood Vs Left 4 Dead - What Are The Main Differences?

GameByte writes: "Back 4 Blood is drawing some very obvious comparisons with Turtle Rock Studios' earlier Left 4 Dead."

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1nsomniac540d ago

I played the beta briefly last night. Not sure why I had to spend 10 mins before each game picking cards. Got bored and went back to R6 Siege instead.

Wolfenstein51540d ago

There are no differences. That’s the problem.

rakentaja540d ago

My biggest problem was the card system and those weapon attachments. It just takes the focus away from the game, where you have to constantly sit in submenus or somewhere on the screens to read the cards, compare the cards, and choose the cards you literally don't need. Also all weapon attachments (even during the game). Something is constantly blinking in your eyes that needs to be replaced, picked up, or opened, so it takes the focus away again from the game itself. These stronger enemies should have received all the attention, but it only takes a few extra months to literally kill them. This game is far from L4D. I uninstalled the beta fast and never return.

JBlaze226540d ago

the game lacks tension and the enemies don't feel menacing and I hope they bring back the OG Multiplayer game mode.

Bender6502540d ago

' What are the main differences?' One was of it's time, and the other is behind the times. With the limits of the technology available at the time L4D was great. B4B ? As gamer's we should at least hope for more these days.

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