Game Console Energy Consumption

Modern gaming consoles consume more and more power, dissipate more and more heat and cause a lot more noise with their cooling systems compared to their brethren a decade ago.

While it's obvious that an Xbox 360 would have higher energy demands than a Playstation 1, the curious question is by how much? Even more importantly is the question of whether your console might be costing you money while you sleep. Preposterous you say? Actually quite the opposite!

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PS360PCROCKS6194d ago

This is kinda interesting, but $20 a year to power my 360 isn't bad...

Daewoodrow6194d ago

Very well researched, interesting article. I don't mind paying a comparative amount of about £15 per year to run my 360, I wont even notice it going, but it's always fascinating to hear these things. I just hope the MS/Sony fanboys don't start a big s**t storm over this. They can get turned on by anything these days.

Marriot VP6194d ago

huh, 20 extra a year is insignificant but interesting.

ps3willrule6193d ago

"Modern gaming consoles consume more and more power compared to their brethren a decade ago."

....well no sh!t shirlock


OMG we finally agree on something

speed6193d ago

Try adding the Nyko Intercooler and see how loud your console gets, its like a jet engine. Well worth it though.

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