Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection Delayed to Early 2022

The official Life is Strange Twitter account has just announced that the Remastered Collection is being delayed until early 2022, and the True Colors Wavelengths DLC will be coming Sept. 30.

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Extermin8or3_73d ago

Life is strange is good but this feels totally unnecessary. Gotta say though seems abit ridiculous they couldn't even remaster a title on time, feel like they must have set a obviously unachievable deadline/release date....

Father__Merrin73d ago

These games are excellent and a break from the norm. Tbh I wouldn't bother with the remaster the new 60fps mode is good enough to enjoy the game

zsquaresoff73d ago

Good decision, it didn't look any different for the original games. Now they can properly remaster it.

EvertonFC73d ago

You clearly did to take the time to comment, do you come into all game articles your not interested in?
I'd get a life if I was you.

DOMination-73d ago

Wasn't the "deluxe" version of True Colors suppoed to come with this?

Too bad, but seems like a cash grab from the start. Life is Strange will not really benefit from frame rate bumps.

dumahim73d ago

It isn't just a framerate bump.

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