Unofficial Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remaster in RAGE Engine released

RevTeam has released a brand new version of their demo for the Grand Theft Auto Vice City unofficial remaster in RAGE Engine.

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-Hermit-75d ago

They really should keep things quiet until they are done. Take Two will soon go after them.

stefd7575d ago

Aint Rockstar releasing a remastered version on the Switch ? If so then this will be taken down quickly. I wish these people would not say anything until its ready and released then it would be out there and there would be no stopping it. Look what happen to that Goldeneye remake.

XxINFERNUSxX75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Now they should be quiet so those shit bags at Take Two won't bother them. When the game is 100% done, make a torrent upload it then announce it. After that Take Two can do their take down but guess what too late, it's already on the torrent sites and they can't do shit about that. 😁 Fuck Take Two, I already torrented every GTA game for the PC and will torrent GTA VI when it's done to. Leave the modders alone they make no $$ off this, plus guess what, when Rockstar does make a remaster it will sell millions regardless of some people making remakes of their games.

strifeblade75d ago

You should go and create something. Then people steal and copy your hard work. See how you feel.

75d ago
x_xavier_x75d ago

You represent the worst part of gaming culture.

75d ago
strifeblade74d ago

If everyone pirated you would not have any games on the market. Industry is done. Your welcome.

SDuck75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I agree with all the previous guys but 1, this guy is probably looking for help or kickstart money to finish the project and 2, if he managed to finish it and release it in silence, he would get a massive lawsuit that would destroy his life.

The7Reaper75d ago

Looks great, your cease & desist will be in the mail soon though.