20 Years Ago, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Provided the Blueprint for Open-World Aesthetics

Game Rant Writes "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City turns 20 years old today, and many gamers will have fond memories of one of the open-world genre's pioneers."

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SinisterMister211d ago

Where it all kicked off, huh? Vice City is a video game treasure.

ThatArtGuy211d ago

It's my favorite GTA for setting and overall feel.

chicken_in_the_corn210d ago

It's my favourite for story and characters

Demetrius211d ago

A timeless classic that feels fresh even when u play it today

jznrpg211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Morrowind did a great job of open world in 2002 also but unfortunately Elder Scrolls has been diluted since then and hasn’t really progressed at all besides in the graphics department. Sad really .

shinoff2183210d ago

Pretty sure that was GTA 3, and then it took san andreas to perfect it. San andreas is still one of my favorite games.