Crunchyroll Teams Up With Xbox To Offer Game Pass To Premium Users

If you are an anime fan who is looking for more reasons to pull the trigger on a Crunchyroll sub, this might be the push you need.

darthv72839d ago

Looks like this is for PC users only as there is no mention of console users.

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Knightofelemia839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

They are owned by Funimation which is owned by Sony $1.175 billion was the purchase price

1Victor838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

So what you guys are saying Sony is throwing a life saver float at Xbox.
Oh also apple + is also getting a life saver float as well 😂 damn Sony is been playing live guard this summer 🤣
It’s a joke don’t get a 🤯

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annoyedgamer838d ago

A monopoly on anime in the west is what that is. I hear they are busy censoring releases and "cleaning up" dubs and subtitles.

Taero838d ago

Interesting, I'm sure you'll be willing to post your source and it won't just be "The stuff I ate yesterday"

mkis007838d ago

Funimation has uncut options when they get home release.

MS has more monopoly like properties than this even gets close to.

Teflon02838d ago

Funimation has more uncut anime than CR lol and was the ones to normalize it lol. CR has been censored mostly to this day lmao. Atleast if a shows simulcast in a censored version they release the uncensored stream able version and home release version after

Sayai jin838d ago

You mean a monopoly to stream anime. They do not own the anime studios. Sony strengthened their portfolio, but did not form a anime streaming monopoly.

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Godmars290838d ago

When Sony owned Crackle, an online streaming service, its app was on XBL before PSN.

darthv72838d ago

ahh yes crackle... I remember watching dead rising movie on that when it debuted.

glennhkboy838d ago

Sony is a large group of different independent companies. Sony Entertainment (I don't remember the exact name), which produce films, TV or anime, is a separate company to SIE, which is responsible for PS5 & games. So what this Sony is doing may not be in-line with that Sony.

CaptainHenry916838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

Another Sony you say 🤔 that's probably the funniest thing I have ever heard. They all work together and still part of Sony

glennhkboy838d ago

@CaptainHenery916 They are 2 independent companies, thus I said 2 different Sony companies. They are both under Sony group. So their strategy may or may not be in-line with one another.

Seraphim838d ago

true, Sony has a variety of divisions that all work independently of one another & are their own division/group w/in Sony Corp. In business it's common to spin off divisions for finances and whatever other reasons. I don't recall the actual structure Sony uses and things sometimes change but yes, the streaming & entertainment/picture/movie studio side is independent of the Playstation/Gaming division. Just like how the music division is a branch not under the PS/Gaming umbrella of Sony Corp.

While it is funny to think, wait, doesn't Sony own them so it's funny to see this on platform XYZ, the fact is these divisions are all independent of one another in these regards.

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DOMination-838d ago

I though I saw that Sony purchased them yesterday and are already planning on integrating the service into PlayStation. I doubt it will be on Xbox for long.

Teflon02838d ago

It'll say as a app on Xbox but this collab isn't going to be long term for sure.

EvertonFC838d ago

Crunchy roll is already on playstation

boing1838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

Why Sony would cut this revenue stream?

chadwarden838d ago

This is a Sony purchase. Not a Playstation purchase. Sony will have this on every platform possible.

Livingthedream838d ago

Yup they’re running a business and need this to produce $$$, limiting to only PlayStation would be a stupid thing to do.

glennhkboy838d ago

They are 2 different Sony companies (within the Sony group of cause). Sony group also includes some little know companies, like Sony financial company in Japan for corporate banking.

--Onilink--838d ago

Integrating the service into Playstation? You mean like that app thats already been there for like forever? Haha

And why would it not be on Xbox? this is a Sony Media purchase (a massive purchase at that), not a Playstation one. Just like with Funimation, they will want their streaming service everywhere its possible

BrainSyphoned838d ago

Integrating it with ps plus. Haha

Ratchet75838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

Believe it or not but each of Sony business segments work independently.
For example Sony interactive studios need the approval of Sony music to use one of their songs in a game.
In the case of Funamination, their goal is to be on as many devices available to potentially maximize subscriptions.

Imagine the loss of revenue if Sony music or Sony pictures catalog could only be heard or seen on a Sony hardware.

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