Are Sony going to cut corners to get us all Home?

According to our friends over at Joystiq, Home is coming to North America this month. In an interview with Jack Buser - PlayStation Home's director - he is quoted as saying "We've been saying it will launch by the end of calendar year 2008, and that's getting very, very close."

Is it just me, or does that seem to be more of a panic-riddled response to the general indifference people seem to be treating the plagued Home release date with these days? Could we see a crazed rush going on behind doors at Home HQ trying to get the product ready for general beta release?

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-EvoAnubis-3600d ago

Once again, all I have to say.....

PoSTedUP3600d ago

lol that never gets old.

thebudgetgamer3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

it will come good and only get better

@1 i love that clip

-EvoAnubis-3600d ago

I laugh every time I see that.

TheHater3600d ago

I saw that episode today :)
Well part of it.

-EvoAnubis-3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I've been watching Scrubs for the last two days . . . I'm starting season 4 now. I just love that show; it's funny as hell. Particularly Dr. Cox.

PoSTedUP3600d ago

i should use that more often, it would save a heck of a lot of time ya know but i always forget about it.

LokMessier3600d ago

lol gotta say for a moment I thought I was about to get rick roll'd or something :p

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gamfreak3600d ago

i'm not a Beta tester so now it coming and i believe SONY will show the world how awesome HOME really is. Don't disappoint me now SONY...

LokMessier3600d ago

Short Answer - No.
Long Answer - No, and here is the reason why at least in my own opinion, take it for what you will:

From my own stand-point even with all the delays, set backs and even the removal of things I don't think Sony intends to cut any corners. They have a vision in their mind they want to see it play out and see what the consumers within' their field think of it, we basically ask for it and they try it. [Not sure if we asked for rooms or not] but we got rooms, perhaps the reason those were scrapped out of home was so that they could tweak them, some people say they aren't coming back [which I think is foolish] but, they will be back.

More features will be added, the PS3 though different from the PS2 won't be so different from the fact that it is a long term system. It is one of those systems that can live well past it's life span, because of the games backing it up and the amount of things one can do with the system. Being that the PS3 is a lot better than the PS2 [in my eyes in terms of HDD, and other services] this system is more than likely going to live past it's time as well. Being that it is a long term system and it's going to live past it's time I think Sony will continually keep implementing new things within' home. Branching it out further, giving more room to developers to put their own rooms and showcase their own games, perhaps give a preview of games they are working on or up and coming games. Perhaps even a little bit of a developer chat place where you can meet and greet with some of the said developers?

Either way one looks at it Sony has home within' it's grasp and shines within' it's eyes, I don't think they'd cut corners.

kyleg3600d ago

what we need more then home is games.
better looking games like killzone2 and i am tired of waiting for so dam long, how long will you make me wait?

LokMessier3600d ago

The wait is mandatory though sadly, if you want good games it comes with the hefty price of having to wait. Which could be analogous with a drawing for example would you prefer a stick figure drawing of Kratos or one that is finely detailed with shading? Or perhaps one that has shading, colored, rendered and the whole enchilada? That's the only gripe I can see with today's technology everything takes a while, but I suppose with at least one or two good games out the rest of the games that the world is waiting for will seem like just a few days or so.

buy a ps33600d ago

how about this give it to us now and patch the rest in later.

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