Hands-On Preview: Evasive Space (GameCyte)

GameCyte gets a hands-on look at the new WiiWare title from YUKE'S and High Voltage Software, Evasive Space -- a game about evading things. In space!

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Al3xand3r3600d ago

High Voltage rule, can't wait for this and Conduit.

LokMessier3600d ago

I've been trying to keep an eye on high-voltage ever since Gyrostar came out, fun game. Probably one of the reasons I still turn my Wii on to this date [ although I wish some parts were still in break-neck speed, but still a fun game nonetheless.]

Not to sure about this game though looks as if it might have some merit to it and looks like it can be enjoyed for quite a bit of time [ Watched a youtube video of it.] Just don't know about this one yet, but I do love their techy themed games.