The Great Summer Game Drought of 2021

We have come to this year’s ‘great summer game drought’. In the absence of any new releases captivating us, Mike & Alex delve back into their backlogs. Discussions range from the necessity of ‘sense of place’ in worldbuilding; the capacity of difficult games to transpose the player into the alterity of his ritual identity; the weird & wonderful world/art of Grime; Far Cry Primal as a masterful gesture of worldbuilding & the best Far Cry.
Listener discretion is advised; contains profanity, references to drugs & alcohol.

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iplay1up270d ago

Been playing Flight Simulator, The Ascent, Tetris Effect Connected, and Fenyx Rising (again, because twice I started it, and had over 20 hours into it, each time. The files became corrupt while in Quick Resume mode on my Series X. I lost my game both times. I wasn't happy). So right now I am pretty happy jumping from each of those. Fenyx being a bit of a grind, because I am only 5 hours into it.

This fall will be filled with new games though. Developers have had more time with the newer hardware. Good things are on the way for all of us.

P_Bomb69d ago

Hopefully more consoles too.

TheDoomedGuy68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I did install the bioshock collection on my ps5 but still got to finish demons souls, miles morales and sackboy.

Once I'm done with those i can move to past catalogue and replay some old classics. Also got last guardian and persona 5 which I never played but can do so now the the ps+ collection.

I figure once I'm done with all those it may be time to resub for gamepass on pc and play the ascent, psychonauts, back4blood and whatever else got released ...hopefully in time for halo infinite.

TheDoomedGuy68d ago

Not a racing fan but yeah for those that like racing games.