Breath of the Wild Mod Adds Ray Tracing to Make Hyrule More Stunning Than Ever

One Breath of the Wild modder boosts the game to 8K resolution and adds an incredible ray tracing reshade on top to create a stunning experience.

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CaptainHenry916113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

This looks good!! Love this game and my Nintendo switch is still going strong!

gleepot112d ago

if all you got out of it was hard mode, you're dumb

thesoftware730112d ago

Some of that actually looks next gen-ish.

Nintendo should hire some of these people. I love Nintendo and know they are still selling big, but things can definitely look better and run better that what hey are currently doing. A updated horsepower Switch can't come soon enough for me.

Double_O_Revan112d ago

'Hire some of these people'
HA!!! Only thing Nintendo will do with these people is set their lawyers loose on them and shut them down. Nintendo wants no help or input from its fans outside of their cash.

_Decadent_Descent112d ago

Haven't spent money on Nintendo in 20 years.

Neonridr112d ago

pretty sure the artists working for Nintendo are doing just fine. These people could simply apply for jobs if they really wanted to.

Mr Logic112d ago

Why? It's not like Nintendo engineers couldn't do this or even something more impressive, but the hardware holds them back. This is on a $1500 GPU, even a Switch Pro/Switch 2 wouldn't come close to being capable of this kind of image quality.

Neonridr112d ago

if this is on a $1500 GPU then that rules out most consoles now doesn't it? I have a 3080 in my PC.

Sephiroushin112d ago

Even if hired they cant do much... the switch wont run all those shaders ...

RaiderNation112d ago

This is what will make Steam Deck compelling.

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northpaws112d ago

That would be the dream, based on the progress, I expect this kind of graphic on a Nintendo console by 2035

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The story is too old to be commented.