Atomic Heart Is at the Stage of Polishing; Devs Confirm 2 Endings and Stable Performance on PS4

Atomic Heart is now at the stage of polishing, according to the devs, who confirmed two endings and said PS4 already has stable performance.

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RaidenBlack76d ago

Really looking forward to this game.

seanpitt2376d ago

It looks like next year then… definitely not this year

antikbaka75d ago

why? you haven't even seen real gameplay yet

Relientk7776d ago

Waiting for the release date announcement. This is going to be my Wolfenstein/shooter fix

TheRealTedCruz76d ago

Highly anticipated for me.
Started to get worried this was not going to release. Just hope it comes out solid.

jznrpg76d ago

It reminds me of Shadow Warrior just in a different setting . Melee combat looked outdated for sure but the gunplay could be good . I dont see the excitement for it really . There are plenty of games like it out already , though the setting looks cool .

CBaoth76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I'd liken it more towards the Bioshock lineage, or at least what people hope will be the final result; a good story driven FPS without tacked on MP. The Shadow Warrior remake lost all the charm of the original and was just a shell of its former. Like television rehashing All in the Family, a modern Archie Bunker would never cut it either. Seems what gave the IP any pre-release hype was actually lost upon release.

I always feel melee combat in any FPS is usually the weakest aspect to combat mechanics so I'm not surprised you feel that way. Hopefully, they got the time to polish it up. Honestly, being a day 1, third party title on GP title makes me pause a little about the final product's quality more than anything

sourOG76d ago

I’ve been hyped for this since the first trailer. I hope it’s in the same league as bioshock or prey. The potential is there.

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The story is too old to be commented.