WB Games Says Zombies Aren't Screaming The N-Word During Back 4 Blood Beta

From TheGamer: "The Back 4 Blood beta seems to be a success. Fans of Left 4 Dead were happy to get back into the universe and murder hordes of zombies as the spiritual successor played pretty similarly to the original. However, while players enjoyed the death and blood, a few of them were left shocked when the zombies suddenly turned racist."

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isarai79d ago

Eh, definitely not intentional, but with everything else going on, certainly close. Just edit out the first but so it's just "gaah!" And easily avoid this if you want. Or just leave it in and we all have a good chuckle cause anyone taking this seriously is trying too hard lol

curtain_swoosh78d ago

maybe they're korean zombies. that word has a whole other meaning to them ha

LucasRuinedChildhood78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

It's just two overlapping audio clips (zombie growls) so it's definitely accidental. The audio team would have worked hard on this stuff so they likely won't actually remove anything, and will fix it by getting more control over the audio pipeline. That's why they can't fix it straight away.

"Or just leave it in and we all have a good chuckle cause anyone taking this seriously is trying too hard" You said yourself that it's "certainly close" to the N word. I don't know why you'd be happy for it to stay. It says in the article that the developers are already going to fix it.

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LucasRuinedChildhood78d ago (Edited 78d ago )


Lad, you can't be calling other people fake. You made your account in the last 20 minutes and you're pretending to be multiple people.

Stop spamming and see a therapist.

isarai77d ago

"I dont know why you'd be happy for it to stay" did say i would be happy if it stayed? i just think it's a silly coincidence. And the juxtaposition of it is kinda humorous. Like a baby saying a swear word before it even really learns how to talk, yeah it's crass but anyone with a level head can find the humor in this situation. There's no intended ill will here, but people are trying really hard to make it seem that way. I don't really care if they change it or not, i just think it's funny 🤷‍♂️

JackBNimble77d ago

I suppose the dev's should take a knee too right?

Can we get over this racial garbage and get back to living life. Not everything is racist except when a certain group pushes it to be racist.


I'm going to assume you're not a minority. Asking people to get over "racial garbage" is like asking the sun not to come up. There will NEVER be any getting over it. Now with that being said some people are in fact just a little bit to sensitive...

TheRealHeisenberg77d ago

Maybe we can get over this "racial garbage" if a certain group would just stop being racist. I know that is too much to ask though.

itBourne77d ago

Would that group be the ones screaming racism as they literally make everything on the planet racial? Hard to get rid of racism when all they want to do is base things on race lmao, the irony.

Sayai jin77d ago

The thing is that he is actually a minority in the world and will be in the US in a few more decades. If he lives in the US, children under the age 14 are children of color. It will not be a problem for most people, just a sub group of people.

Acecalibur77d ago

If you're not a minority, then everything is racial garbage right? You obviously haven't lived it. Make some friends who have. Talk to them about it. But then again you're probably not the type that would want to do that.

TheRealHeisenberg77d ago


I sure you know, because you are probably in one of them, that I am referring to the group(s) that march through towns screaming "Jews will not replace us.", that wear white hoods and burn crosses on lawns, that go into a church and kill black people, that go into a mosque and kill Muslims, that their chase transgender supporters out of CPAC, that stormed the capital on January 6th in a failed coup attempt, that want the freedom to use the N-word but also want freedom from the consequences of using the N-word. I'm only referring to the good ole USA here but this obviously happening on a larger scale.

Lol, the irony you say?

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Muigi78d ago

Fairytale is so trash lol

Teflon0278d ago

Someone who doesn't even know the shows name isn't really worth worrying about lol.

Fairy Tail

Muigi78d ago

@Tedlon02 I guarantee I watch more anime than you…I misspelled it on purpose to mock it smartass

XiNatsuDragnel78d ago

Whelp I can't compare about a nerd fight in my opinion but FT is alright in my opinion.


Muigi78d ago

@vfl You have an account on N4G…your a NERD too lmfaoo!

BrainSyphoned78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

We're Nerds, you're a douche.

OMGitzThatGuy77d ago

Fairy Fail, where the power of friendship trumps everything, even gods.

Yui_Suzumiya77d ago

Date A Live is my jam.. Season 4 in October! Need me some Tohka goodness!

XiNatsuDragnel72d ago


Facts plus Bleach in 2022 please yes.

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JCOLE1319578d ago

I didn’t know they had toxic COD players as zombies in this game

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