Why Playing Older Games is Better Now

Welcome back Link Cable Gaming fans, Zahi here. With the summer months upon us and the gaming schedule for the next big releases coming later in the year, we thought we’d discuss some of the biggest reasons to revisit some older games now more than ever. With the current generation of consoles for the Xbox series X|S and PlayStation 5 giving us more and more reasons to revisit some of gaming’s biggest titles, we thought we’d share our Top 5 reasons why you should invest in yesterdays games.

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Duke19164d ago

because we have put such a premium on graphics and pixel counting, that we have been left with a push to make all these 4k 60fps shiny turds for $70 rather than anything truly amazing. There just aren't that many compelling "new games" when old school classics are still so accessible.

Jericho1337164d ago

Agreed, can’t remember the last time I played a new game with an innovative feature or mechanic. The whole ‘let’s make games like films’ has gone too far and needs reigning in.

TheRealTedCruz164d ago


Death Stranding is far from what I consider entertainment.

Jericho1337164d ago

I’ll be honest, I haven’t played Death Stranding. Doesn’t appeal to me at all but I’ll take your word that Kojima brought something new to the table.

bradfh164d ago

@Duke19 game engine runs the graphics not the game. gaming back then they didnt care about making money and all was gamers themself. today people know gaming industry is a huge money maker so most gamers that love the passion of making the game get push out of the company by greed.

ginganinja164d ago

The details may have changed but we've had the argument that new games/consoles are all about graphics and pixel counting (polygon counts) but the games are lacking in originality and gameplay for 25-30 years.
Your old school classics are seen with the benefit of hindsight. Rather than plowing through all the dross you're picking out the best and enjoying them. Just like in 10-15 years time, folks will be saying the same about today, picking out a few classics that appeal to them as representative of this period.

Duke19164d ago

The question is literally framed “Now”. I have no doubt the library for new gen games will get there, but right now I’m fine replaying some good last gen games for cheap while we get thru the glorified “tech demo” phase of any new console launch

execution17164d ago

Idm playing older games from time to time but some have aged horribly. Recently replayed halo 1 and that ended up being a chore to finish after a while

343_Guilty_Spark164d ago

Backward compatibility Auto HDR automatic frame rate and resolution increases on several games

CaptainHenry916164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

I have to agree with you. No need for every developer to remake old games. Feels like some publishers and developers is just trying to milk it. All you need is Auto HDR automatic frame rate

BioShockGX164d ago

Can't stand old graphics anymore. I've been spoiled.

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The story is too old to be commented.