These Are The Best Wii U Games

The Wii U may be overshadowed by its successor, but the console offered hundreds of amazing games for its time.

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iplay1up2483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

Xenoblade X is fantastic! I would love a proper remaster when the Switch gets a proper successor. It still looks great on Wii U, but the OG Switch wouldn't do a remaster the true details it would benefit from more power.

I loved the Skells! I played as much as I could to get to chapter 6 so I could get my Skell, thinking I could fly. Nope can't fly until chapter 9. When I could finally fly it looked amazing.

The game doesn't hold your hand. It can be frustrating a bit, but well worth learning.

Z501482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

Skell's were so cool.
Mechs you could actually get in and out. Fly and drive.
Wii U's gamepad made it even more immersive.
My Skell's/team were all Voltron colors.

badz149482d ago

you mean Switch games...or "upcoming" Switch games?

BlackDoomAx482d ago

Hyrule warriors and not BOTW ? No way :)