Activision: We Do “Like Our Position a Lot” When It Comes to Call of Duty 2021 and Its Competition

Activision president says we "like our position a lot" in regards to Call of Duty 2021's competition due out this holiday.

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seanpitt2381d ago

Soon they will say this is the best cod they have ever made like they do every year haha

NeoGamer23278d ago

The best two CoD games were the original Cod Modern Warfare and CoD Black Ops. The others have built on those or not met those.

DaniMacYo81d ago

Haha okay Activision....Okay

SpeedDemon81d ago

Like it or not, they're probably right and will outsell the competition as they do with every COD game

excaliburps80d ago

You never know though. BF2042 and Halo Infinite are heavy guns. If one of those click, and COD sucks ass, then you can see the tides turning. Nothing lasts forever.

SlothLordPootus80d ago

@excaliburps We thought that 10 years ago with the release of Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 2.5, and Call of Duty has continued its reign since.

Halo usually does good numbers, but doesn't seem to have the legs of other FPS games.

In all likelihood the battlefield franchise has probably shrank in audience. The hardcore players are likely playing even more hardcore games (Tarkov, Rust, Siege). I have seen many complain about the lack of realism in BF 2042. The more casual players will stick to COD, which offers warzone and multiplayer, leaving a shrinking audience to play Battlefield.

DragonWarrior1981d ago

I don't actually believe it exists this year but I don't really care because I haven't bought Call of Duty in over ten years because it's terrible and now with their recent skeletons coming out of the closet I hope nobody does.

Smok9180d ago

After witnessing people’s response to Epstein’s accomplices and they’re roles in government and business I don’t think people will care much about Activisions revelations.

DragonWarrior1980d ago

Well they are just going to have to deal with being compliant with sexual assault. Just like the people still supporting and buying games made by studios owned by Tenccent even though we know they are from and in line with the communist government of China and the people who support them support communism.

TheEnigma31380d ago

They probably don't even have a name for it smh. They will just release something garbage that will sell a lot.

Father__Merrin80d ago

COD is so popular even if you don't like it you can sell it easy there's no doubt they have a guarantee of hitting number 1 spot because of how big it is.

I'm holding off from Vanguard for now though

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The story is too old to be commented.