Next Call of Duty By Sledgehammer Promises “Stunning Visuals” Across Campaign, Multiplayer, & Co-Op

During today’s financial conference call for investors and analysts, Activision Blizzard executives talked about the next Call of Duty game.

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1nsomniac88d ago

….and so it begins, be careful “Groundbreaking AI fish” incoming!

_SilverHawk_87d ago

I know battlefield 6 will look amazing and it'll be a day one buy for me and hearing about the next call of duty has me excited as well which I hope doesn't control or look like cold war. I'll definitely buy the next call of duty game because Activision knows a new battlefield comes out this year so I know they'll try their very best to have an amazing call of duty game to complete.

Jin_Sakai87d ago

Sledgehammer Games are also opening a new studio. Hopefully this years CoD is better than Cold War which IMO is crap.

Ashunderfire8687d ago

To be fair that was Infinity Ward that said that infamous fish AI quote.

DJStotty87d ago

Promises "stunning visuals"

That is like me promising "wet water"

purple10187d ago

This one is using the modern warfare engine. Not the cheapo black ops engine.

The engine for modernware was the main reason I got it. First cod in ten years for me. And it was worth it.

Skipped.cold war after playing the beta....physics were a step back from mw

DJStotty87d ago

Cold war was my first COD since black ops 2, and it did not impress, same over promised under delivered rinse and repeat as normal.

If the MP has the same AI BS integration as every iteration since modern warfare 2, then it is not for me.

Rude-ro87d ago

It is also still the og engine just modified.
Falling for textures and sound is kind of 🤦

StoneyYoshi87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

"It is also still the og engine just modified."

Same can be said for any game engine out there. Cryengine, Unreal, Frostbite, etc.

They are all based off of their OG engine but highly modified over the years. The problem everyone had with the engine used for COD over the years was the fact that their modifications to the engine came off as lazy after seeing basically the same visuals for 5+ releases in a row before we started seeing bigger differences. Now with the MW engine, it is the largest upgrade in terms of visuals, audio, ballistics, and technical capabilities (ex. Warzone) we've seen since COD4MW

Now that we have the next-gen systems available. We should hopefully see a large difference in visuals and audio compared to COD 2019.

Kurupt87d ago

Same old every year..this shouldn't even be classed as nothi to see here..

DJStotty87d ago

Exactly, how many times have they said MP will be using dedicated servers lol?

Rude-ro87d ago

Just about every year since mw 2

Gardenia87d ago

They should change the visibility of the characters and the lighting of the game. I can't even see half of the time.

demonseye87d ago

just promise me good gameplay and something that doesnt need a seperate SSD to run it on.

WackoDaSniper87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Lmao "Stunning Visuals"....just days after reports of the game being in a disastrous state development wise, rumors of delays into 2022, and being confirmed for last gen systems. On top of that, its another WW2 shooter from Sledgehammer. This will definitely be a CoD to skip. I've played CoD for 17 years now lol I know a trash iteration when I smell one. Wait for IW in 2022 for MW2 and get Battlefield this year, a proper next gen only shooter that's been in the works for 3 years now.

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The story is too old to be commented.