Report: Call of Duty 2021 Alpha Codenamed “Slipstream” Appears on PSN and Battle.Net

The Call of Duty 2021 alpha, codenamed "Slipstream" has reportedly surfaced on both the PlayStation Network and as devs test out the game.

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b3l0kk109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

COD with time travel?

excaliburps109d ago

Eh? Supposed to be WW2 again.

John_McClane109d ago

I'll be too busy with Battlefield to care.


Battlefield LOLOL good one. Halo Infinite will kill them both.

John_McClane109d ago

I'll be playing Halo Infinite too.

BioShockGX108d ago

Halo feels old even though it's not out yet

Sunny12345108d ago

Yeah thats what history tells us, Halo killing COD and BF. LOL, cod and bf caters to a much larger audience than halo does. Though for me it will be BF>Halo>Cod.

Teflon02109d ago

Forgot about a new CoD being a thing this year. Focused on Battlefield lol