The Crucial P5 Plus is a PS5 compatible SSD

Micron Technology has announced and released the Crucial P5 Plus NVMe SSD. With read speeds of up to 6,600MB/s, the Crucial team has confirmed to us that the P5 Plus meets the required specs to be a PS5 compatible SSD. If you’re running the PS5 system software beta, this is another option for expanding your internal storage.

The Crucial P5 Plus comes in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes, and it is one of the cheapest options in this tier of SSD performance. The P5 Plus 1TB costs $179.99 / £157.19, while the 2TB model costs $367.99 / £320.39. However, per Sony’s specifications, you will then need to add an aftermarket heatsink.

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Jin_Sakai55d ago

So you have to add an aftermarket heat sink? No thanks.

gamer780455d ago

Yah this isn’t very console like, if I have to basically open up the machine and stick a third party item directly in it better have a heat sink that’s been ps5 tested for many hours under a high load.

Eonjay55d ago

You have been able to open the PlayStation and put in a third party drive since PS3. This is the easiest its ever been.

gamer780455d ago

@enojay not the part I’m referring to. Putting a heat sink on you haven’t had to do before.

Eonjay55d ago

If you are that worried about putting a heatsink on, there are preinstalled options. Also, PC users have been 'beta testing' these drives and heatsinks for months. There are tests for the PS5 showing no notable heat increase after installation. I am glad Sony is requesting this so you guys can see that console gamers aren't idiots and we can actually preform simple tasks. Console doesn't mean inept. Don't buy into the 'I can't figure it out' mentality. You got this @gamer7804. Don't down or belittle yourself just to be part of the wave of ignorance.

gamer780455d ago

@Eonjay, oh I’ve been building computers for a while and installing heat sink now isn’t a big deal for me, Ill get one once they are tested out in the wild but Sony should partner up to make the experience better for the average consumer is all I’m saying. I can already see some parents buying them without the heat sinks and their kids sticking them in.

OB1Biker54d ago

Because options are always a bad thing and we all know grandma will buy the latest SSD from Morrison and give as Christmas present to kids who don’t know better.
Think about the children Sony!

gamer780454d ago

@OB1Biker of course options are a good thing, but if they are going to sell them at stores branded for ps5 they need to make sure only the heat sink versions are available.

duplissi54d ago

you aren't opening up the machine, you're taking a plate off, and then unscrewing the drive cover...

If you can't handle that...

gamer780453d ago

@Dupplissi. Read the thread next time

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VenomCarnage8955d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Heat sinks stick right on and cost like $10. If that's too much for anyone, they deserve to get ripped off by Microsoft's proprietary option


You sound ridiculous. For starters MS's option is GUARANTEED to work it's simply plug and play. It cost $220 no other purchase needed. With Sony's option you have to many variables that can have people wasting time and money. Sony themselves said these drives are NOT guaranteed to work. Then on top of all this you still need to buy the correct heatsink. All these steps just to HOPE you got the right SSD an to expand storage. At some point MS will offer other options for SSD and when they do it will still be easier than Sony's options. Both companies are ripping us off when it comes to this storage BS but to act like Sony is doing such a wonder job with this is pure blind fanboy bs.

Teflon0255d ago

Where is Sony ripping you off on storage?
Sony doesn't dictate the prices and the speeds warrant these prices as opposed to MS where they got an embarrassingly slow drive for an NVMe

JackBNimble55d ago

Sony says they aren't liable if something goes wrong . I wonder how long it's going to take before people start complaining they bricked their ps5 and Sony wont fix or replace them.

ocelot0755d ago


Stop acting like this is some sort of rocket science. Yes we get it Microsoft propiatory memory card is easier to install. Great for xbox series x/s owners you don't have to do to much.

But don't act like PS5 owners have to disassemble their console. Don't act like people can't use google. It's even easier than what the PS4 HDD swap is.

Sony is not ripping anyone off as they are not SELLING any SSD. Sony are being consumer friendly here. They are letting people go and buy 3rd party SSD's. Manufacturers will soon enough try and cost cut each other with ls5 compatible drives.

£159 for a 1TB gen 4 nvme m.2 drive plus £5 for a heatsink is cheaper than Microsoft's memory card and also faster at the same time.

Plus the feature is in beta at the moment. Not everyone can access it. So once everyone gets access to it in a few months am sure Sony will have a detailed list of compatible drives and will keep adding to it.

But please explain to me how Sony is ripping people off here I really want to here your explanation.

uth1154d ago

Not every 2.5" drive fit in the ps4 either. But just like then you can ask on the internet for recommendations or check product reviews.
This is no different

VariantAEC52d ago

Sony isn't liable but changing out the drive is covered under the warranty.
So while Sony isn't responsible for any damage they will repair or replace it if you used a compatible NVMe drive and that resulted in a bricked system so long as it happened within the warranty period. For most of us that will likely happen within our warranty period seeing as how most of us are still awaiting the opportunity to buy the system.

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Nuclearmoon55d ago

Dont need to add a heatsink. If it needed one it would already come with one. The heatsink specification it only there to show the maximum dimensions of a double sided heatsink so the drive can physically fit inside the console.


So all the tech analysis are wrong about adding a heatsink and you are correct? Lol please anyone who reads Nuclearmoon's post do not listen to him. Get a heatsink...

Teflon0255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

That's not what they said, they said you don't need one. It's the preference for obvious throttling avoidance. But it's like I was told I need a heatsink for my 970 pro and I actually have had no real issues with it almost 3 years later
That being said, I wouldn't get these new ones without a heatsink. Just makes more sense to be safe.

buffig53d ago

@Teflon02 Your 970 isn't the same spec. Gen 4 PCI-E runs at much higher temps under load. And tests show that drives without a heatsink in the PS5 run at significantly higher temps, which throttle them and potentially reduce life span. Everybody should either buy one with a heatsink or add an aftermarket one, for the sake of £10, you'd have to be an idiot not to

StoneyYoshi55d ago

Heatsinks aren't complex in design. Theres plenty of heatsinks that take less than 5 minutes to put on that will perform no different than a pre installed one. Be Quiet is a brand that has great cooling products for computers and they sell one for like 14 bucks.

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masterfox55d ago

keep them coming!, will be lots of options to choose from when the PS5 internal expansion enables, is going to be awesome! not to mention the prices will go down as well :D

ocelot0755d ago

Exactly yet people are stupid to realise this. Some people on here even think Sony is out to rip people off over this lol. Guarantee a year from now. There will be a whole host of compatible drives for the ps5 and the prices will have come down.

Doge55d ago

Crucial and Sabrent are usually the more cheaper options to go with. Glad to hear there’s support for it.

curtain_swoosh55d ago

id rather not mess with heatsinks and the like. not all of us are tech savy and can actually do that correctly.

Eonjay55d ago

It only takes 30 seconds. You can do it. There are dozens of videos showing you how to do it. 30 seconds bro. You can't mess it up. Its easier and faster than setting up PSVR.

ocelot0755d ago

You don't have to be tech savvy to install a heatsink. Depending what you get a basic one is just a strip of metal that has a heat transfer pad stuck to it. Simply just take the backing tape of and attach to the drive.

Sayai jin55d ago

Not sure why people don't understand why people would be hesitant to open up and install something in their $400 to $500 device. I will obviously do it immediately as it looks super easy and I build cusrom rigs, but that's me. I am not the average consumer. Not to mention parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents that brought or will buy a PS5 for their family members.

An approved device list will be good, bit some people will still try to find a cheaper way with unapproved ssds.

I like having options, but I feel many will look at an upgrade and see...

1. I have to open up the PS5.

2. I have to find a compatible SSD. Not to mention insuring that iy has a heatsink.

3. PSony doesn't gaurantee they will work (which is understsndable IMO).

I know there will be videos of the process with recommendations, but there are always videos on how to do simple upgrades. Not everyone will want to risk it.

curtain_swoosh55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

just because there are video tutorials, doesnt mean that ill do it correctly the first time, and id rather not do something that will break my console.

atleast one person gets it ha.

buffig53d ago

Look for compatible drive, open case, plug in drive, done. I installed mine tonight and it couldn't have been more simple

one2thr54d ago

If you can put a screen protector on your phone with little to no air bubbles, then the process of adding a heatsink to a NVMe SSD should be a non-issue for you.

curtain_swoosh54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

i feel like one is not like the other. lol.
i personally dont want to mess with it, im not sure why people dont seem to get that.
y'all seem to know what you're doing, i dont. so go ahead, do your thing, im not gonna do it.

Sayai jin54d ago

Not even close to being the same . Also, if there is an issue. the end result for one is that simply need to get another screen protector....your pjone still works. While the end result for the other, could mean it wont work, overheat and cause damage, etc.

one2thr54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

How hard do you both think, you have to apply a thermal pad and place a heat sink on top of it?

I'm a big guy myself, but to think anyone can mess this up, in this day and age with complicated steps of applying a screen protector to your $1000 Android or Apple phone.

Especially they curved tempered glass protectors, and maybe the traditional vinyl type as well.

For the protectors I've used-

You gotta use a moist towelette,

Then a dry towelette,

Then use a semi sticky dust remover

Then apply the protector without leaving bubbles

And some protectors have compatibility issues with screen embedded finger print scanners.

Whereas with a MVMe Heatsink-

Lay the SSD down

Then place a semi sticky thermal pad on it, top and/or bottom

Place the heatsink on the top of and/or bottom thermal pad

Secure the heatsink to the SSD with provided fasteners

Now place it the complete SSD with heat sink in the m.2 slot

There will also be compatibility issues seeing that not all drivers will be supported.

But both task can literally be easily done with the same exact level of comprehension of the other task.

This isn't as complex as its being made out to be.

curtain_swoosh53d ago

again, if you think its easy, do it.

i dont think its easy, i waited way too long for my ps5 and i wont mess with it just for an ssd, that is not properly optimised for it and needs extra steps taken care off that involves doing something to the console itself.

and its not the same thing as putting screen protection on a smartphone.

and i too have big man hands and this has nothing to do in what day an age we live in, cause chances are that the majority of ppl dont know what they're doing with the insides of a console or a pc.
you know it? brilliant mate. glad you do.

Sayai jin53d ago

I don't find it difficult myself. I build gaming it is just plug and play. Did it back inthe day too.

It boils down to many people do not feel comfortable opening up electronics.

Answr this, if you kess up on installing a phoned case, what is the worse outcome?

Same. What of someonr installs an ssd in their PS5 incorrectly. Not to mention whether or not it is compatible, has a heatsink, etc. What icouls be the outcome?

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duplissi54d ago

except it's about as hard as putting a case on a phone... if you've done that before then you have the skills to do this. People just get way to anxious about tech. this has nothing to do with being techy at all.

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TorpeAlex55d ago

If it doesn’t come with a heat sink then it does *not* meet the requirements! That’s like saying that a car missing a tire is legal to drive. Don’t publish irresponsible titles like these, people are going to overheat their $700+ investments.

BrainSyphoned55d ago

"The subwoofers in my trunk will overheat my engine."

Sayai jin55d ago

@Brain, that anology is not accurate at all. Now if you said the high output alternstor or large amp may cause car problems...

chronoforce55d ago

Your console will overheat because your SSD has no heat sink?

elazz55d ago

There are pcie 4.0 SSD's for which the difference of a heatsink isn't big. A 980 pro comes without and works even under stress fine. Nothing will burn up. It is just advised and I would also advise to do that but nothing will break.

Teflon0255d ago

Relax my NVMe SSD in my PC had no heatsink and loads games fast without much issue (not ps5 fast of course, but fast

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