6 reasons why Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is much better than people think

Black Ops Cold War has divided players since its release, but here are 6 reasons why Treyarch's shooter is better than it's given credit for.

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Gamist2dot045d ago

For me, it just feels clunky after playing MW. MW isn't perfect either because that game has some annoying bugs. For CW, the sound is muffled and they haven't change that since BLOPS. Animation hasn't changed either: from ranking up tiers to character movement, they're not as fluid compared to MW. Graphics wise they are great but that's it. People can say it has better map design but for me, maps has never been an issue. From many games I've played, I learn and try use every map to my advantage.

Was hoping to get back to Zombie mode but didn't immerse myself in it. It felt like playing someone's modded game of zombie mode: environment is clean yet zombies everywhere. Deal breaker for me was when you travel through a portal into a small room and have to defend yourself from zombies and wolves... I felt like I was playing Borderlands for some reason. It just doesn't bring the frightening and immersive feel like the original Zombie mode from WAW.

KyRo44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Everything you said is true except for the MW map design statement, it was quite bad and something I hope which is fixed for MW2 but overall, MW is leaps and bounds better that CW that has a massive identity crisis. It feels like a mobile game on a console.

They also butchered the zombies mode. It has no character anymore. Loadouts that make the mystery box almost pointless, lack of chat between characters, health bars on enemies, Easter eggs to easy, outbreak is literally terrible too.

masterfox45d ago

Well if it wasnt 150 plus effing GBs I would try and play it, not sure if somebody here knows if I can just install the SP portion only in the PS5 ?, I really dont care of the MP.

--Onilink--45d ago

Yes, you can choose what to install like in MW.

masterfox45d ago

awesome thanks for the heads up 👍

isarai44d ago

Yup you can toggle sp mp and zombies all individually

seanpitt2345d ago (Edited 45d ago )

It’s absolute trash… it’s one of, if not the worse cod ever made and this was supposed to be a next gen cod haha it was rushed and had the least amount of dev time due to COVID and it shows… it feels horrible to play everything is downgraded compared to previous cod the animations are laughable the gunplay feels very unsatisfying.. so glad I didn’t buy it after the betas and free weekends I never touched it again..

Hawk19866645d ago

Give over its absolute trash, Treyarch did 3 great games now they have done the 2 Worst! It's just a straight copy and paste from Ops4 which is why it has many of the same issues. Its also the first Cod I've played that had really bad graphical issues on PS4. I really like playing co-op especially zombies but no trophies for the dlc just sucks, cod is dead to me. Didn't like MW co-op but it had no issues, it played good and looked great. Cold war plays and looks like an early in development game. The last proper Cod was WWII.