It came from Kijuju, Resident Evil 5 Viral Marketing Begins

Gamer Limit writes 'We just received this curious email in our inbox (twice) curiosity of Capcom, could it be the start of viral marketing for Resident Evil 5? Or something more sinister...

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Ziriux4737d ago

What could this mean? Capcom sure surprises us with something new always.

Fullish4737d ago

Just to give an update, the viral marketing contains a new trailer.
Scroll to the far left on the page and type in 'Refinery'

Timesplitter144737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Here's what I've found so far (written on the wall) :

Wesker's a liar
las plagas
progenitor virus
Sheva knew
seashell is evil
racoon city wasn't the end
Where is Ozwell
flashbacks can't stop them

and a word that looks like IROBOROS (bottom left of the whole picture)

drdistracto7074737d ago

this is creepy, good on ya capcom!!!!!!