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IGN : Back 4 Blood, the four-player coop survival zombie shooter from Turtle Rock Studios – the team that brought you the original Left 4 Dead – will open its doors back up to players beginning with an early access open beta that runs from August 5-9 for anyone who's pre-ordered, with a fully open beta to follow from August 12-16. To kick off our month-long IGN First for Back 4 Blood, I was able to visit Turtle Rock for a sneak peak at what they have in store for us with regards to both PVE and PVP. And while I was regularly grabbed, puked on, smashed, set on fire, and covered in sticky debilitating phlegm, the one thing that was on my mind as I left the studio was “Man... do I want to play some more.”

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Orchard53d ago

This is looking great - still blows my mind that we're getting this day 1 on Game Pass.

Gaming4Life198152d ago

Right I was always a big fan of left 4 dead and i love Co Op games. This being on gamepass day one is just plain great.

My ps5 will seriously only be used for exclusives and ill gameshare if my friends want the same games I have on xbox.

52d ago
dreamed52d ago

Lol look at the downvotes...fanboys make me laugh.😎✌️

52d ago
Fntastic53d ago

Something about this still feels kind of off. For a game that's similar (ish) to L4D it doesn't appear to be doing a whole lot of new things. It's like they took the perks from KF and put them in this game as cards and then just took some of L4D and threw that in too.

It feels like this could've been released back in 2014 or something. Graphics look decent but the fact it only requires a potato GTX 970 for recommended spec tells me they could've done a lot more there too.

spwittbold52d ago

You are out of your mind. Game looks great.

Fntastic52d ago

The game could still be very fun regardless of what i said. I'll see how the beta goes.

Darkborn52d ago

Looks good, can't wait to jump in on the fifth on steam.

The-Matrix-has-you52d ago

Does anyone know if this game will have Dualsense Support? I have been researching it but can’t find any info on it. Would be awesome to know as that would definitely inspire me to get in on PS5 instead of my series X

philm8752d ago

Imagine it will to some extent. Most PS5 games do, but a wide range of how well it's implemented. It's a bit of a no brainer for a shooter though.

iain0452d ago


The above is Steam code for the 5th. Alas due to house renovations I will not be able to get close to my PC. Hope everyone enjoys the game.

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