PlayStation Now games for August: Nier: Automata, Ghostrunner, Undertale

From PS Blog: "An eclectic mix of compelling titles await PlayStation Now members this month*. Nier: Automata promises compelling story and blistering RPG action in a far-flung future as combat androids take on a mechanical threat. Sci-fi style Ghostrunner challenges you to master its potent combination of unforgiving but ever thrilling parkour and one-hit-kill mechanics. Meanwhile, Undertale takes a nonviolent approach to traditional dungeon crawling. All are must plays, and all three are available to play from tomorrow, Tuesday, August 3. "

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Hawk198666675d ago

Some old games and 1 recently released. Pretty poor

AnotherGamer675d ago

You know those are extremely good games right?

Hawk198666674d ago

What difference does that make when they old AF! And if Ghostrunner is extremely good why are the sales so bad?

MadLad675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

They're all older games that can be had for cheap, but all are great games.

Still a good month, as far as I am concerned. I have all of these on the PC but, if I just had the Playstation, as many could say, that would be a lot of great content had you not played them.

DarXyde674d ago

Nier: Automata alone makes it a great month. Such a brilliant game with some fascinating undertones. Depressing, but very much worth it if you haven't played it.

AnotherGamer674d ago

What are you talking about? GhostrRunner sold so well, they are making a sequel. Just because a game is old doesn't mean its bad, Super Mario is an old game but people are still playing it.

Hawk198666674d ago

No it didn't. Just look on psnprofiles it only just broke 4k total players on there. And where did i say the games are bad? This is a game subscription service, I don't want old games!

roadkillers674d ago

Great games, unfortunately they are all on gamepass. Definitely a good deal if you don't have gamepass or incase they come off gamepass!!

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Hikoran675d ago

Great selection! Always wanted to try Nier and see what everyone is going on about. Same with Ghostrunner.

dsammy04675d ago

Bought Ghost runner and have been enjoying it. However I did stop playing it once I heard about the next gen update. Hopefully my reflexes will be just as fast when I return to it.

BrainSyphoned675d ago

Playstation Plus games for September: Undertale and Ghostrunner

FallenAngel1984675d ago

Why not Game of the Yorha Edition?

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