Hackers leak full EA data after failed extortion attempt

The hackers who breached Electronic Arts last month have released the entire cache of stolen data after failing to extort the company and later sell the stolen files to a third-party buyer.

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isarai50d ago

Cool, can't wait to see what sorta surprise mechanics come outta this kinder egg surprise 🤣

VenomUK48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I’m glad EA never paid the ransom. Whether you’re a single person or multibillion dollar company, or a government standing against terrorists you stand up to those who seek to bully and extort. I know the ResetEra-types are celebrating that a company they don’t love as much as Xbox/Sony/Nintendo has experienced this.

Bender650248d ago

May I remind you that the biggest hackers and extortionists of data, are governments!

XiNatsuDragnel50d ago

All those surprise mechanics being leaked to the world.

-Hermit-49d ago

Don't you people get bored of repeating the same joke over and over again? It's like reading comments on YongYea videos.

THEzRude48d ago

No. Cause EA is cancer and they deserve all the shit they get thrown at em.

-Hermit-48d ago

"No. Cause EA is cancer and they deserve all the shit they get thrown at em"

You people sound like children, grow up.

THEzRude48d ago

Nah. You need to pull your head out of your ass and see the big picture.

THEzRude48d ago

Cause Company that wants to turn kids to gambling addicts by using loopholes to avoid the laws by turning their games into real money slot machines. SURE is a company we all need to root for and have our support ? You gotta be f*king kidding me.

Inverno48d ago

Would you rather people just turn a blind eye to corporate greed and shady business practices? The reason people keep on with these jokes is because EA, ACTIVISION, Ubi constantly prove themselves to be horrible companies. I much rather see people shite on these companies and every other shady company than ignore them and continue to buy their products. Don't YOU people get tired of defending corporations that do not care for you?

jjb198148d ago

☝ Found the EA employee ☝

-Hermit-48d ago

"Nah. You need to pull your head out of your ass and see the big picture."

What does that even mean? I can see exactly what EA are doing, so I don't buy their product. I don't see the value in repeating the same pointless jokes and complaints over and over again when nothing actually changes. Just accept it, we lost, the market has spoken and you people that can't move on and accept it are the vocal minority. The chance to put a stop to these things are gone now, you need to leave your little echo chambers and face the fact that there is a whole generation of kids that have now grown up with this as the norm. Like I said, you lost, move on.

"Cause Company that wants to turn kids to gambling addicts by using loopholes to avoid the laws by turning their games into real money slot machines"

Oh give me a break. Don't use the "think of the children" excuse. You don't give a damn about the kids, so stop pretending that you do. It's yourself you're thinking about here, nobody else.

It's such a weak argument anyway. It's up to the parents to take control of this. It's their money, they should know not to let their kids have easy access to it. Stop pushing personal responsibility onto other people.


"Found the EA employee"

Oh look, the same dated jokes. You people need to get better material.

Also, I'm going to guess that the 1981 is the date of your birth right? Jesus christ dude, you're 40 and making childish jokes, I'm embarrassed for you.

Imalwaysright48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

The EA shill saying that others don't care about kids is in full on projection mode. Imagine telling others that they don't care about kids while he's here caring about comments made by some random users. Sometimes you have to see things to believe them and then he has the nerve to tell us to shut up and throw our principles out the window because the market has spoken as if the market spoke for me. No one speaks for me and if I want to make jokes and criticize your overlords you better believe that I will.

-Hermit-48d ago


How am I shill? I literally said I don't buy EA's products, it's actually for the same reasons as you funnily enough. The difference is that I'm not wasting my life complaining about it all of the time. What are you people going to do, moan for decades about the same shit? This stuff isn't going anywhere so you might as well just deal with it instead of bitching and moaning every time these companies get a mention.

Gaming doesn't revolve around you, no matter how much you cry about it.

isarai48d ago

Well excuse me for not being complacent with kickstarting gambling habbits in children and trying to basically extort more money out of people after already paying full price for a mediocre experience at best

jjb198148d ago

Your name says it all. You lurk the comments just to troll others from your mom's basement. You're just another sociopath in the making.

King_Noctis48d ago

“ You people sound like children, grow up.”

So what’s not childish? Defending a shitty company when you know exactly that it is shitty?

XiNatsuDragnel48d ago (Edited 48d ago )


Give us a break bro I rather be a revolutionary who wants to keep fun part of the 6th generation gaming landscape than support companies like EA who are losers.

Also we heard your opinions pot calling the kettle black here why comment then about how others see the situation and you're keep doing that you already made your point and I disagree and agree with some points thousands of times. Also what are you going be a loser who countercomments about your fellow losers then? Again changes and improvements in history we made by revolution eg end of black segregation accepting it would have changed nothing again try harder.

Imalwaysright48d ago

You literally said... and so what? How does that prove anything when you're telling us to shut up while you are actively and pathetically defending a scummy company because you're oh so tired of seeing people criticizing it? Who does that other than shills, corporate apologists or dumbass fanboys that are incapable of thinking for themselves?

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locomorales49d ago

The gaming community celebrating criminal action because it's against the company they're raging on shows very well why no one respects self-appointed gamers.

Bunch of self-centered spoiled boys.

Germaximus49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

these companies are evil pieces of s***

philm8749d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Why are these companies evil? Because they're businesses trying to make a profit?
They make countless amazing games that the majority of gamers love and the minority moan about.

spss1149d ago

So a video game company like EA is "evil" by your standard ... lol just ridiculous.

strifeblade49d ago

This same guy who claims they evil, probably will pass those games from said companies.

dbcoops49d ago

Maybe so but that doesn't mean its ok for criminals to hack them and attempt to extort from them, people need to stop with this two wrongs make a right mentality. There's a very simple way to deal with a company like EA if they are as you say "evil p.o.s." just stop buying their games nothing will hurt them more.

-Hermit-49d ago

Just saying they are evil pieces of shit doesn't justify it. I don't like EA either, but I just avoid their games, I don't whine and try and hack them.

giveyerheadawobble48d ago

"philm874h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Why are these companies evil? Because they're businesses trying to make a profit?
They make countless amazing games that the majority of gamers love and the minority moan about."

Is that you, Mr Wilson?

Seriously, imagine leaping to the defence of the likes of EA for "trying to make a profit" when they actively bullshit their customers and prey upon them with disgusting gambling mechanics. Imagine actually having the balls to defend that. And "they make countless amazing games that the majority of gamers love" is also deserving of a slap upside the head. Amazing games? When was the last time they made an "amazing game"? Wind your neck in, you absolute clown shoes idiot.

Germaximus48d ago

Every single one of you defending EA is a moron.

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I couldn't agree with you more.

Teflon0249d ago

That's why I don't roll with the EA hate. At this point it's less about being right or wrong and just about hating on everything EA unnecessarily. Even when they're not doing g something bad

giveyerheadawobble48d ago

Criminal action, you say? Funny that, seeing that EA are the biggest bunch of criminals of the lot. But sure, go ahead and defend their illegal gambling "surprise mechanics" that they shovel into their games via loopholes in the ESRB laws and regulations. Raking in billions, whilst shovelling abusive practices of their workforces under the carpet. Tax dodging. Laying off staff for no reason. CEO's giving themselves millions in bonuses whilst their dev teams that make them their money literally starve or struggle to keep the lights on. Fuck em. And fuck you for even trying to defend them.

locomorales48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Two wrongs don't make a right. Nobody here is defending EA. They have all the money they need to do that. YOU are defending internet criminals using EA as scape goat.

But it's okay to like criminals, just make your position clear and assume your position.

refocusedman48d ago

unfortunately that's called capitalism. people need to stop acting like EA is forcing you to purchase their games or in game micro transactions. we all have a choice. if YOU choose to support their games then stop complaining abt their shady practices.

Powerhug48d ago

So, your solution is to boycott EA, which will result in them missing their projected earnings, which will make them fire those poor, starving, darkness-dwelling dev teams in order to save as much money as they can. Fuck me, you're actually saving all those innocent staff members at EA...

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