Phil Spencer Confirms That The Elder Scrolls 6 Won't Release Until after Fable

Xbox head Phil Spencer confirms The Elder Scrolls 6 won't release until after Playground Games Fable, hinting at a post-2023 release date.

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phoenixwing53d ago

That's one long wait. Hopefully avowed comes out sooner to lighten the blow.

porkChop53d ago

Avowed and Fable are likely 2023, Outer Worlds 2 is probably 2022.

lelo2play53d ago

There are rumors (since 2017-2018) that Playground has been working on Fable.
Fable could release in 2022.

neutralgamer199253d ago


No way is outer worlds 2 in 2022. The developers themselves said game isn't even ready so I doubt in a year and a half it gets done

Brazz53d ago

MS big game for 2022 is starfield, Avowed, fable, OW2 are 2023 and beyond.

Ashunderfire8653d ago

Let me remind you of the trailer we all saw 2 months ago.

DOMination-53d ago

Nonsense. This is the most realistic schedule:

Fable - 2023
Avowed - 2024
Outer Worlds 2 - 2025
ES6 - 2026

ES6 is still in the writing/pre-production stage, and won't go into full production until Starfield is out, updated and possibly even had some DLC released. It's a really long way off yet.

NeoGamer23253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Yes. When a game hasn't even entered production yet and it is AAA, then it is at least 2-3 years away. Games in production are 1-2 years away. And games being tested and showing full gameplay are usually within the year.

Games today are big efforts like movies. They don't just magically appear in a few months.

I would guess fable in2023, elder scrolls Vi in 2024 and avowed around 2025 and outer worlds 2 around 2026

porkChop52d ago

Relax, guys. It was just a very unfortunate typo. I meant to say that OW2 is probably 2024.

CaptainHenry91652d ago (Edited 52d ago )

You mean Outerworlds 2 is 2024 😁

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lelo2play53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Starfield is expected to be a very big game... Bethesda Game Studios have been working on it for a long time.
Elder Scrolls 6 will take some time and they are likely working on a new Fallout.

RaidenBlack53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

The release sequence is likely to be Avowed > Fable > TES VI
Avowed will likely compete with Dragon Age 4 in 2023 in AAA RPG space. Followed by Fable in 2024.

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Jin_Sakai53d ago

I’m sure Fable will be great. Playground Games are an amazing developer. Forza Horizon 5 looks incredible.

brewin53d ago

I am so freakin pumped to see more of Fable just because Playground is making it! Their technical prowess is insane! Now lets just hope they have a knack for storytelling as well. From what I have heard, and what the trailer showed, its seems its more a prequel to the OG Fable. That is what is up! There are not enough fantasy style games anymore, everythings all futurisitc and Cyberpunk now,

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masterfox53d ago

2025/2026 release imo for TES06 and also will start talking about the next next generation consoles by then. :D

AngainorG7X53d ago

Agreed TES6 will most likely be a next gen launch title along with a downgraded current gen release

EvertonFC53d ago

Thays what I'm thinking, 2025 release

CaptainHenry91652d ago

I have to agree. Elder Scrolls next gen launch or the end of this generation

chicken_in_the_corn53d ago

Only online speculation. Official announcements won't be until years later

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Seraphim53d ago

that's my thinking. I wouldn't be surprised to see this game drop at the tail of this generation or into next. It's going to spend at least 5 years in actual development and all indications are that they're still in the planning phase right. Meaning development hasn't even started. That at least 5 years is also assuming they [Bethesda or MS] don't take the extra time to do a better job of ironing out bugs and glitches these games are known to have aplenty of. Be it Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim or the Fallout series. While great, these games have all released and continue to be bug/glitch infested messes.

porkChop53d ago

I'll say it again. March 25, 2024. 30th anniversary of the series. Todd Howard said years ago that he already knows the release date. What other day could it possibly be to know that far in advance?

jznrpg53d ago

No interest in Fable . After 3 I am done with hoping for a great Fable . 2 wasn’t bad but not great . None of the games came close to what Molyneux said he wanted to make originally. 3 was the worst one by far , no charm like the others at all and it wasn’t even fun in coop . The first 2 were decent 2 being the best but had so many bugs it made me hate it some ways .

Elder Scrolls and Fallout are the only games MS bought that interest me but I don’t really want to support companies buying multiplats so they can say they have exclusives , it’s a crappy practice whoever does it and MS is the king of crap right now . Those games aren’t coming for a long time anyway so we will see what the landscape is and what MS chooses to do by then with their “exclusives” they bought to not be on other platforms .

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WeAreLegion53d ago

I'm not happy about it, either, but it's a new team working on Fable. A good team. So, I'm optimistic.

That being said, Lionhead lost a lot of developers that made them great. Some of them formed Media Molecule, in fact. Which is a great place to look, if you're trying to find that same creativity and charm from Black & White and Fable.

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343_Guilty_Spark52d ago

Y'all cried more than Xbox fans about the Xbox Brand not having games and are now upset at how MSFT chose to invest in gaming. Cry me a River ❄️

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TheColbertinator53d ago

What the?

When is Fable coming out then?!

TFJWM53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Before Elder Scrolls 6...

KillBill53d ago

Expect it in 2023. Rumors are 343 has been working on it since 2017~2018. (which is oddly when ES6 went into preproduction too)

BLow52d ago

343 huh. Where you hear that from???

KillBill52d ago

My mistake 'Playground Games'... I had 343 on my mind too much when I posted I think? lol

CaptainHenry91652d ago

2023? You're going to be disappointed then. (2024-2025) I can almost guarantee it.