Where Is the Crew 3 and When Can We Expect Any News?

KeenGamer: "Why have we not heard any word on The Crew 3? Despite The Crew 2's age and loss of active players, it still receives updates frequently. Surprisingly, The Crew 2 managed to live longer than the super successful Forza Horizon 4 and have content planned ahead. So does that mean The Crew 3 won't be arriving anytime soon?"

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boing184d ago

I would be content with 4k and 60fps update for PS5/ XSX. I love The Crew 2.

Jakens84d ago

I'll play what Ivory Towers puts out for Ubisoft. Really happy with the time and detail they can and have put in their game. Sure would support a new racer if it's good. Not for all, but They got a lot right before.