The Best Video Games of 2021... So Far

COG says: As far as years go, 2021 is undoubtedly better than *shudder* 2020. We’re allowed outside, for one, and things are generally looking less apocalyptic these days. Here are our picks for the best games in the first half of 2021.

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waverider56d ago

Returnal for me is the biggest surprise. I didnt think this game would be so good.

derek55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@waverider I agree, the gun play is phenomenal. When that portal turret opens up with the hollow seeker rifle feels so all-powerful, lol. Love this game, wish they would launch an expansion pack.

Chevalier55d ago


I haven't got it myself yet, but, you can get the Hollowseeker with BOTH the Portal Turret and Portal Beam TOGETHER! So forget just 1 beam when you can have 2. I think if you got the Portal Beam/Portal Turret/Waves and Serrated Edges all together that thing would be an absolute beast combination.

For me the top 3 weapons are the Electric Pylon, Hollowseeker and Rotgland Lobber are the top 3 weapons by far. I know the Rotgland Lobber on some lists say it's the worst (those guys literally have ZERO idea what they're talking about). If you get the Rotgland with Caustic, Explosive and Trailing Rot that weapon can lay waste to anything. It's the only weapon that can easily take out ALL the bosses. It just melts energy bars away. If you got Doombringer as your alternate fire then Shields don't even matter even.

But I agree would be all over an expansion day 1

derek55d ago

@chevalier oh yeah? I've had each individually (I think I've had 2 beams appear as well) but that's sounds seriously op lol. Apart from using the hollow seeker in biome 5&6 the Rotgland is my favorite gun.

UnSelf55d ago

I see your Rotland and raise you a…

Shit I forgot the name of the gun. The one that fires a single beam that bounces around.

That gun is by far the most slept on. With twin discs and beams that negate attacks it’s my favorite weapon

waverider55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Its my goty of the year. Still discovering new stuff. my weapon of choice is the Electric Pylon with Pike web with 3 shots that was the max i got until now. its perfect not to risk so much and it destroys everything. i can even leave the door!

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RaidenBlack55d ago

Hitman 3, Disco Elysium Final Cut, It takes two, Rift Apart & Curse of the Dead Gods
Yet to try : Last campfire and Death's Door. Heard both are pretty fabulous.

P_Bomb55d ago

Nice to see another Hitman 3 fan. Solid trilogy there.

Chevalier55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


"I see your Rotland and raise you a…

Shit I forgot the name of the gun. The one that fires a single beam that bounces around."

Wow 👏😮. The Coilspin Shredder?!! Dude, props for using that thing, I am trying to learn how to use that sucker. Suffice to say it has not gone well with how I play. It's a really difficult gun to handle.

This guy's list explains succinctly what's good about his top 5 although with runner ups top 7 weapons. Although now that I think about it the Hollowseeker with Phasing rounds, Serrated with both Portal Beam and Portal Turret together would be pretty deadly add in high adrenaline damage percentage and behind a energy barrier item and you could literally sit in one spot and just mow down everything. Especially since phasing can go through walls and allows you you to shoot through cover and your portals will track enemies

But yeah that is a definite sleeper weapon after watching a couple videos on YouTube. Definitely a difficult weapon for me to use. I would say the Dreadbound is pretty insane if you have high return speed and damage and is another one not to be slept on. That thing is probably the most powerful weapon in the game hands down. You can run into any situation and if it has the 4th shard, high damage and return speed it can wreck a room in short order.

All the different alternate fires are good and interesting, but, recently that Doombringer. Just wow. If you got barrier or strife around and fully charge your shot that thing is I think the highest damage attack in the game.

victorMaje56d ago

So far Returnal is Goty for me.

alb189955d ago

The Ascent for me is doing it.

NeoGamer23255d ago

I am a big fan of dual stick shooters and RPGs but this game is doing very little for me. Gorgeous game and mood. Average everything else

Teflon0255d ago

Ratchet is my GotY so far but I'm a big ratchet fan so that game was god tier for me

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NeoGamer23255d ago

Ya, I think R&C is tops so far. Returnal a close second. I was shocked to see RE on the list. I felt it was very average.

dumahim55d ago

So far, but the main image is only showing games that aren't out yet.

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