Hell Let Loose - Review - Jump Dash Roll

Hell Let Loose is a World War II shooter from the folks who make all the Worms games. Is it as much fun? Jump Dash Roll salutes the officers before going into battle in today's review.

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DarthMarvin55d ago

Yeah, pretty much my reaction to the beta. A resounding "meh."

1nsomniac53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Are you mad! This has been far and above the best MP experience for about the last 18 months. It’s an incredible game and it’s one that actually functions extremely well as a semi hardcore realistic team reliable shooter that actually works. With people that actually communicate in a team and actually work to the objectives of the entire squad with hardly any toxicity to speak of. Stupid article.

EvertonFC53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Looks good, reminds me a bit of "day of defeat" source engine?
I recommend "enlisted" also f2p although the UI is a bit clunky on consoles as its designed for a PC key/mouse really but enjoying it on PS5 😊