Halo Infinite 4K/Ultra screenshots on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080

DSOGaming writes: "The first technical preview beta phase for Halo: Infinite is currently underway and below you can find some 4K/Ultra screenshots from it."

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masterfox55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

if the new Halo game looks like this pretty sure I will be able to run it easely on my good old gaming rig, and thats awesome! , I think is great what MS Studio is doing here, lots of PC gamers will be able to do the same if their gaming rig is not that new. :D

DarXyde54d ago

It doesn't look amazing, but I definitely think that's for the better. Keep those frames high first and foremost.

anubusgold55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

It has a fps cap on PC for some reason we cant get over 100fps not sure if this is a bug or just a cap for the beta. I have above average hardware at that 100fps cap is annoying.

iNcRiMiNaTi55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I was able to get the game to around 120-135fps on low. I have a 5900x and a 2080ti so not the newest or best but it got the job done. Ultra settings is terrible though, it's like 55-70fps, sometimes up to 80fps if I'm lucky

Tapani55d ago

Is that 4K ultra? If you drop to 55fps at worst, I guess 6900xt should be 60fps steady.

I wonder if they will implement Ray Tracing… The game would benefit from it, especially global illumination.

iNcRiMiNaTi55d ago

No I play at 1440p, I'd imagine 4k would be worse

anubusgold55d ago

Im at 1440P ultra with a 3070 I tried to turn things down to medium it didnt make any difference really so i just keep it on ultra .

Tapani54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Oh wow, ultra @ 1440p with 2080ti, and only 55-70fps. At this moment, the game is heavy. That’s already 30% faster than what Series X can do. Series X might run it 1080p high.

Hmm… I wonder how my OC’d 6900XT will run this at 4K. Ray Tracing is out of question unless they release FSR or another upscaling technique. At 80% res scale, it might work if they optimize it well.

I’m confident the performance will get an uplift as they further optimize the game.

anubusgold53d ago

@Tapani Twitch Halo streamer Activee says he gets 120 to 145 fps with a 2080ti at 1440P on the Halo test so i dont know what im doing wrong lol.

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Noskypeno55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

This game looks better each time they show it off. The wall textures are insane, the lighting is also pretty good, along with nice reflections. The ground textures might not quite match the 2018 reveal but this is just a mp test, and if they keep improving like they are the final game might look like they envisioned a next gen halo
game to be, but it still looks as good as any other crossgen game besides Forza.

--Onilink--55d ago

Definitely noticed a boost in quality on the 2nd map compared to the first, so its hard to gauge so far anything in regards to the actual release (not to mention this is barely at an alpha level and a few months old, so differences between maps is to be expected I guess)

Rimeskeem55d ago

The urban areas look great, I feel like we need to see the nature stuff more cause that was lacking in the initial reveil.

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