Ghost of Tsushima Devs on Adding PS5 Functionality, Introducing a New Villain in Director's Cut

Ghost of Tsushima's Creative Director and Senior Writer tease what's ahead for fans in the Director's Cut.

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SullysCigar53d ago

It would have been so easy for them to walk away, counting the money, but they just keep on polishing and adding to this amazing game.

Other Devs, watch and learn.

jjb198153d ago

This game is amazing. I've put in 50 hours or so and am ready for another 15.

jBlakeeper51d ago

It’s why I have no problem paying extra for the PS5 upgrade. It’s rare to see dev support like this these days.

spirited53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@SullysCigar I would not say it should be free (Directors Cut) but they are adding it with a price tag and charging $10 more for ps5 features

Darkborn53d ago

People forget they added a free multiplayer mode that was not advertised or even mentioned at all until after launch.

CorndogBurglar52d ago

That's true but it was just that. Free. They shouldn't be making up for that by making a $10 PS5 upgrade mandatory even for people that don't have a PS5. That's almost how it sounds like you are justifying this. Forgive me if you don't mean it that way.

Darkborn52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Is it mandatory? It's ps5 features for the ps5 version. Clearly your uneducated like everyone crying wolf over this. There are two things they are selling. One is an expansion that's supposedly 20ish hours long with a new island for $20 and the other Is a ps5 upgrade which is duelsense features 3d audio and Japanese lip sync, along with 4k/60, which was already patched in for free BTW a few months ago. But that ps5 upgrade is $10 and it's separate. It's not mandatory for people who don't own a ps5 like you say, unless you buy the full directors cut which is because you never played this masterpiece to begin with.

Bathyj52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

This Ps5 game is $10 more than the PS4 fame. Is it the only game that does it? No. Get over it.

Not just directed at you. Just so bored of this subject. Gamers are such tight arses now but will gladly pay 100s of dollars for Fortnite cosmetics. This developer actually have us something substantial already for free, and then went the extra mile again but want to be paid for it. They should have just charged 30 for PS4 too and no one would have said crap.

RodDuterte52d ago

great addition to ps5 functionality.