Killzone 2 E3 07 vs December 08 Comparison Update

Iceatcs of Neogaf have posted more screenshots comparing the E3 07 build to the latest build.

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TheHater3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

now I see why people was complaining about it be gray. I want to know what their argument is this time because the game have a lot more colorful

Dark General3601d ago

I actually liked the gray look. How the black and grays messed together to make a really broody,dink and dark world looked amazing to me. The current version looks good too. But nothing like that Gray and Black.

pwnsause3601d ago

Same here, also liked the grey and black look. it looked pretty artistic. Although, the same can be said about the newest build. Killzone 2 is going to wipe the floor out of any FPS game next year. its a major GOTY contender alright.

sloth4urluv3601d ago

Some aspects of it I liked before, but overall the lighting looks alot better now.

Fallen_Angel3601d ago

"its a major GOTY contender alright."

its not even coming out this year so how is it going to be GOTY. Plus the game sucks just like the 1st one did its funny how ps3 fanboys talk about the 360 being a shooter console when all there so called AAA exclusives are nothing but genric fps

cactuschef3601d ago

the dark gray world looked awesome! Very dingy, dirty, raw, and real. The new look isn't bad.

Milky Joe3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Really though, these pictures do it no justice. Killzone 2 in motion is a sight to behold. The second set of screens are much richer than the first and the extra colour fits well. Really though, it's not the colours on show that make KZ2 so beautiful. It's the resolution, the depth of field, the motion blur, the lighting and the silk smooth animation. When you're playing it you can almost feel the gun in your hands.

Edit: Wow, that sounded really fanatical. KZ2 is just gorgeous. Leave it at that.

Capital G3601d ago

ti looks colorful but they keep dumming it down from the 2005 trailer.

it looks like killzone might flop again. only time will tell.

Halo Wars will own february :-)

pwnsause3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

uh oh, here comes the 360 fanboys. they forgot that when I said Major contender for GOTY, they forgot that I meant to mean GOTY 2009. But they have "SBS" (small Brain Sydrome.) so they cannot comprehend when I said GOTY conetender.

Other than that, keep adding Fire to the flame 360 Fanboys, Guerilla Games is going to love all that fire and put all that negativity into the game and make it even better to the point were you guys are s**ting on your pants. just remember Killzone 2 Uses %60 of the SPEs within the cell, thats while doing work that a GPU is suppose to do, then hands it off to the GPU and then it works on the Work that CPUs are suppose to do.

gameraxis3601d ago

now why the FUK did all those duma$$e$ have to complain about color, it seems gurilla might have added too much color in attemps to please the public, take the hallway for example, tell me the shine on the ramp doesn't look WAYYYY better than the yellow light shining on it now???

i hate people that don't wait until gurilla finishes their IDEA, their VISION, game is still a 33 out of 10 tho i just kinda liked the drab colors, i'm not one of those animal crossing wii junkies, if dark and drab sets the tone, then leave it, and leave the color to the sand level or something... i offically hate all of u who said killzone sucks because its gray!!!

MNicholas3601d ago

some textures aren't as good as the earlier build. Having said that, it could just be that it's the motion blur that's making some textures in those photos look blurred.

One definite change that I'm not necessarily digging is the reconfiguration of certain character's faces. Some look better but some look worse. The ugly guy (you all know who I'm talking about) is still ugly but those brows are huge! Ratchet huge!

Dark General3601d ago

I never realized that MGS4, LBP and Uncharted were all FPS's. Damn how did i never notice that until now?

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THC CELL3601d ago

this game is siiik ( top class)

it makes me ill cause i no g o w 3 is going to look better

Playstation power is 60% used killzone
that is amazing really

i am in the beta and this is the game to get for Mp sessions
single player will be out of this world and a game that will be played over and over

i hope they add some cool easter eggs

dukadork3601d ago

this game looks and sounds amazing...
can't wait to play it
cool to see the comparison and the huge progress

boodybandit3601d ago

How was the voice communication in the beta THC Cell?
Was it crisp and clean?
Was it an open mic or do you have to press a button to activate it?

Kleptic3601d ago

mic com was above par overall imo...but like everything, a lot of depends on the end many would have volume too loud, and mic input too loud, causing echo, peaking, etc...

its set up a little different than other titles though...there is no push to talk that I know was proximity based, and didn't matter what team you were would constantly get hit with some idiot with a rocket launcher, that would then call you a if it took any talent whatsoever for him to kill you (luckily, RL damage will be drastically reduced for the final game, forcing said half-wits to actually get good at the game)...

there is also open mic support for your squad, independent of range...they can hear you anywhere...any time...and it gives a symbol on your hud letting you know that its a squad member talking (not just his name) well...

many asked for open mic for the entire team, regardless of range...which wouldn't work, as KZ2 games are pretty would have 15 other people chatting your ear off, and it would be impossible to coordinate anything...

even better though...are what is said to be 'attempted' for the final game...

squad leaders will be able to mic other squad leaders from the spawn screen, or in game with a ptt option...allowing multiple squad leaders to talk directly to each other...allowing coordinated attacks from multiple squads...should be awesome if its put in...

but at the very least the final game will have ptt for all open mic for proximity and all of your squad...or ptt for everyone else...I like the squad leader idea better, which seems to be the general opinion too, but we'll see how it works out...

Blink_443601d ago

The guy in the bandana creeps me out

Mr Tretton3601d ago

I liked the way he looked before. They've made him skinner and older now

Anyway, I thought the game couldn't get any better in 07, but 08 pwnz it, and the retail copy will be even better! weeeeeeeeeeee

joevfx3601d ago

he has a texture glitch in those screen shots that make his face look like plastic. (this is coming from the DEVs) It has been fixed.

pp3601d ago

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 = Killzone 2 just got OWNED.

Wenis3601d ago

Does anyone have a needle so I can pop PP's last bubble?

plain rice3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

CoD Modern Warfare 2? This guy is a serious hater. The only that makes CoD4 look great is its 60FPS framerate.

I_am_rushin3601d ago

The sad thing is that is the only game you have to look forward to. A watered-down rehash of a mediocre sub-hd shooter.


The most beautiful graphics seen on a console, pure 720p with amazing effects, lagless online play (WITH BOTS), a push in the fps/action genre with an amazing cover system.

steck673601d ago

Please do not reply to PP's post. All he wants is attention from us members of N4G, cause he aint getting enough from his mom.

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