For beta users: add an M.2 SSD to a PS5 console

"This feature is only available to beta users at this time. The internal M.2 SSD expansion feature will be enabled via an upcoming PS5 system software update. Please check the guide below for more information. Please note that because this is a beta, features and specifications described herein may change prior to the official system software release."

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Doge58d ago

Good to see it’s being beta tested. Can’t wait until it’s finalized 👍🏼

darthv7258d ago

...and a full list of compatible drives. The disclaimer eludes to "just cause it fits and is fast enough, doesnt mean it works". So the ones sony officially tested should be posted after the official release.

Sayai jin57d ago

Can't wait either. It is great, but why did it take this long for this to just reach beta testing. This feature should have been available at launch.

JustTheFax57d ago

Maybe because these PCIE 4.0 SSD drives weren't out yet so they couldn't do proper testing? That would be my guess

Sayai jin57d ago

Maybe, but I am surpised Sony didn't commision a 3rd oarty manufacturer to make a licensed one for launch.

frostypants57d ago

Even now hardly any drives on the market make the cut. Can't test what's not available. The interface is only half the equation.

mkis00757d ago

The only reason Xbox had its proprietary drive at launch is because the speed they needed was already mature tech.

CrimsonIdol57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

There have been consumer drives fast enough for about 2 years guys. Since before the PS5 launched there have been plenty of gen 4 drives fast enough. You all seem to keep parroting that this is some cutting edge tech and it's simply not true. Since the Ryzen 3000 series.

glennhkboy57d ago

@forstypants If none of the manufacturer can achieve the requirement from Sony, it means that the requirement itself is unachievable. It means Sony design this requirement in a vacuum & never consult the manufacturers on what is feasible.

fr0sty57d ago

Probably extensive testing to make sure it didn't somehow enable modding/piracy, on top of quality control testing, etc. That, and there not being many PCIE4 drives.

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NeoGamer23257d ago

Yes, it is nice to see. It only took almost a year.

glennhkboy57d ago

But this test will be done on "live subjects (paid customers)"......

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Jin_Sakai58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


“SIE cannot guarantee that all M.2 SSD devices meeting the described specifications will work with your console and assumes no responsibility for the selection, performance or use of third-party products.”

“Not all games are necessarily playable with the exact same performance provided by the PS5 console’s internal Ultra-High Speed SSD, even where the M.2 SSD device’s sequential read speed is faster than 5500MB/s.“

Compatible drives:

Seagate FireCuda 530
500GB - $149.99
1TB - $254.99
2TB - $514.99
4TB - $999.99

UltraNova58d ago

My God the prices for over 1TB are ridiculously high and will remain so when demand increases.

I think I'll keep deleting games and installing fresh ones until fully compatible 1TB drives drop to 130-150 price point. Hopefully within a year or two.

VenomUK58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I want to see a big bollocked bastard (metaphorically speaking) buy the 4TB $1050 SSD and put it in their PS5. Yes, I will think it's a waste of money but I will contradictorily be impressed at the same time!

darthv7258d ago

And I thought the 1tb for series was $$.

Majin-vegeta58d ago

Or just do what im doing.Moving PS5 games to an external HD to and from for storage

Abear2158d ago

Sony will eventually release a pro version that I’m guessing will option more storage, but I’m with you, another year or two dealing and it’s honestly not too bad…hopefully games like COD and 2K get their shit together and stop with the bloated 100+ gb games

DJStotty58d ago


It is funny isn't it, the amount of people that were bashing xbox and seagate for the proprietary storage price, now are ok with paying these prices, even though this is more expensive.


RyanDJ58d ago

4TB Internal drive, everything ready to go in an instant or less: $1000.
4TB external good old-fashioned non-SSD drive, store stuff on it and be patient to move it over when you want to play: $100.

Patience literally pays off in this instance.

FinalFantasyFanatic57d ago

I hope this causes SSDs to drop rapidly in price, I want at least a 2tb drive for the PS5 (a couple of 4tbs for the PC would be amazing), if they make a PS5 pro, it would be nice if they added a second M.2 drive in there.

darthv7257d ago

^^for prices to drop, there needs to be an abundance of chips to make them. The chip mfg situation is not just about the ones used for making the consoles but also for cars and storage devices (like SSD) and everything that relies on the silicon.

in time things should go back to normal but who knows when that will be?

masterfox57d ago

1TB M2 SSD for 250 is expensive but not insanely priced imo, yeah I wished too is lower(it will eventually), but those drives used to cost at least 500 bucks or more.

Jin_Sakai57d ago (Edited 57d ago )


“And I thought the 1tb for series was $$.“


“It is funny isn't it, the amount of people that were bashing xbox and seagate for the proprietary storage price, now are ok with paying these prices, even though this is more expensive.”

It’s only $35 more for the 1TB that’s twice the speed.

As for the larger sizes Xbox doesn’t have anything over 1TB so we can’t make any comparisons there.

glennhkboy57d ago

Sony is now asking you guys to risk your own (PS5) live & may potentially pay for your own (PS5) bricking?.... & you PS5 owner is going to happily accept this?....... This is just like the old joke that you need to pay for the bullet on your own execution.

FinalFantasyFanatic55d ago

I didn't mean right away, over several years, almost everything uses chips now. I consider the price of 1TB M.2 drives to be the most reasonable price at the moment, I've just been hanging on for years for those 4TB drives to drop low enough to have my PC collection of games transferred over to them. My 256GB m.2 drive is basically the price of today's 1TB drive when I built my PC 4 years ago.

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Zeref58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

It's actually

500GB - $175
1TB. - $275
2TB. - $570
4TB - $1050

The 500GB is almost the same price as the 1TB for Xbox, wild.


Darkborn58d ago

It's also a slower SSD, wild.

crazyCoconuts58d ago

Xbox's is slower, yeah. But one could make the argument that the extra speed isn't buying you much over xbox yet. Time will tell if more games like R&C or others take advantage of the speed to do incredible things.

CaptainHenry91658d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I'm going to use my WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD with heatsink. It's cheaper as well with 7000MB/s read speed and 5300MB/s write speed. Same M2 drive I use in my desktop PC

Bennibop58d ago

The Samsung 980 pro 1tb is compatible and is cheaper that the Xbox ssd. £179 on Amazon.

Zeref58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


Here's another trigger for you, its supposed to be twice as fast, have we seen loading times twice as fast? nope. We've seen games only load 2 seconds faster lol

58d ago
StoneyYoshi58d ago

I can get a 1TB WD SN850 SSD for 199 right now from the WD store without a heatsink and buy a heatsink off amazon for $8 making it a cheaper purchase from the Proprietary SSD on the XSX and at double the speed capabilities. And heres a list provided by DF with SSD's that meed Sonys requirements. Multiple ones listed for 1TB @ $199 plus that $8 heatsink i mentioned for less than $220.

"Seagate FireCuda 530 (heatsink version available) - $255/£235 for 1TB
Western Digital Black SN850 (heatsink version available) - $250/£218 for 1TB
Gigabyte Aorus NVMe Gen 4 7000S - $199/£188 for 1TB
Patriot Viper VP4300 - $225/£210 for 1TB
Samsung 980 Pro (requires additional heatsink) - $199/£178 for 1TB
Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus (requires additional heatsink) - $199/£199 for 1TB"

darthv7258d ago

@therape... I seem to recall Ford beat Ferarri.

VenomUK57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

@CaptainHenry916 Thanks for the tip. The WD is the fastest I've now seen and the cheapest in the UK for 1TB £165. I just need some assurance it will fit and won't overheat - and get accepted onto the beta!

andy8557d ago

@zeref I wonder how far we'll get through this generation before people realise the SSD speed isn't just about knocking a couple of seconds off the load times

Babadook757d ago (Edited 57d ago )

“The 500GB is almost the same price as the 1TB for Xbox, wild.”

Not really.

Ps5 1 tb 275
Xsx 1 tb 220.

Only $55 more for 2.3x the speed.

And because the ps5 options are third party they will likely go on sale.

gamer780457d ago (Edited 57d ago )

i wonder how many parents what to shell out 300$ for these drives for their kids just so they can store more games, then they have to open up the console and use a screwdriver. will be easy for people that have built pc's like myself, just not the most friendly solution by cost or ease of use.

57d ago
IRetrouk57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

It's now £199 for the firecuda 530 1tb, prices already dropping lol.

itsmebryan57d ago

The XSX is much cheaper and is guaranteed to work. Why is Sony making their customers pay $270+ (w/heatsink that is required) to test storage compatibility. It's that what Sony's R&D should have done before launch like Microsoft? But, instead 8 months later they make their customers $270+ to be the Guinea pigs.

You guys are ok, with them asking you possibly wasting $270+?

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Brazz58d ago

it will take some years but prices are going down, 1TB will likely hit under $99 at some point... can't say the same about Xbox proprietary storage.

darthv7257d ago

Actually, xbox storage prices will drop as newer sizes are made available. Seagate will bring out 2tb and 4tb sizes. plus i believe they are licensing the design out to others so there may be some competition soon enough. WD has already shown some interest, seeing as they supply the 2230 drives that are used internally.

Eonjay57d ago (Edited 57d ago )


Actually, as many have stated you can get compatible M.2 drives for only 199. Also, the biggest difference besides the massive speed boost over the Xbox is that they are not proprietary. There will be so much more competition from the M.2 manufactures I would expect that you will always be able to get them cheaper for the PS5 than the Xbox like you can right now.

itsmebryan57d ago

When will the Sony compatible 1TB be under $99? All storage goes down and Xbox has been as low $180 so far and is guaranteed to work.

Remember when XSX launched people complained that $219 for 1TB was too much and PS5 storage would be cheaper. 8 months later the compatible storage with a heatsink is over $270 and Sony doesn't even Guarantee it will work 100%. And that is some how better?

Grievous57d ago

Why would these drives be any different than other drivers that drop in price? I've been building PCs for ages and prices always drop for storage. It's normal. Besides it's not like all 10 million PS5 owners will want to upgrade. Only a tiny portion will actually do this.

Kaze8857d ago

There have been lot of manufacturers changing their SSD components during the years for cheaper production, so they drives are not up to snuff that they clamed to be. Linus made a great vid of that. Let's hope those new PCIE 4.0 will not have same fate.

NeoGamer23256d ago


At those prices I will take a hard pass. 2TB is more then I paid for my digital PS5. With 4TB I could go and buy two PS5's. Assuming I could find them.

This is ridiculous. The price of these drives on both PS5 and XB needs to go down a lot before extra "fast" storage is viable on these devices. I don't care what their performance is, this is simply ridiculous. I see why both devices have faster NVMe drives. This is all about moving gaming tech forward. But the reality is that a good70% or more of gamers can't afford to spend the same amount or more on extra storage then they did for their full console.

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kenpachi58d ago

Wonder if they will add VRR with this update as well

Jin_Sakai58d ago

I have no idea why VRR wasn’t there at launch. Better late than never though.

darthv7258d ago

I read vrr and 1440p support are not in this update.

Sayai jin57d ago

Those features should have been there at launch.

JustTheFax57d ago

Doubtful, their tvs still don't have it either, which is why I went with Samsung.

boing158d ago

That doesn't sound like a casual procedure. A LOT of variables.

crazyCoconuts58d ago

The instructions are REALLY detailed. If you've ever put an M2 SSD in a computer it's really easy. Most of the extra bulk in the instructions are to make sure it fits.
Plus I'm sure the SSDs will start advertising their compatibility for PS5 so you don't have to fret about speed and measurement documentation.

boing158d ago

Ok, so give this current instruction to a less techy person and see what will happen. There are fathers who wouldn't be able to do it for their kids, I gurantee you. One of the other major factors, except for price, for which people are choosing consoles is to avoid exactly this. There is no need to be ignorant. Now, it's obvious that once they will release official support, companies will immedately throw out 'PS5 ready' SSDs to the market, with heat sinks, required specs, size and everything. Matter of time. My comment was a hot reaction to what I just read. My first thought was that it seems to be harder to do than in PS3 & PS4. At least for now.

crazyCoconuts57d ago

I agree. It's as hard as putting an SSD in any computer, and is too hard for many people. Ironically with my kids I'd be the one having to do it for them, lol. If only they could encode the instructions on a meme...

58d ago Replies(4)
StoneyYoshi58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

It's hardly anymore complex if at all to replacing the HDD on a PS4. Either way, most people these days have someone in their life, be it a friend or family member with the confidence or experience to install one for you if it's too much to handle.

boing158d ago

Bottom line, it is more complex, at least for now. If you look at it objectively, it seems they made it harder instead of making it easier than in PS4 and PS3. Wrong direction if you think about it. A matter of time, though. It'll be plug'n'play by the year's end with 'PS5 ready' SSDs.

FinalFantasyFanatic57d ago


Nah, the difficulty is about the same, I just went through the instructions and it's about as difficult as what the PS4/PS3 drive was to change.

The worst part of this process by far is the strict limitations on physical size and speed, that's the only concerning part.

StoneyYoshi57d ago

I am looking at it objectively and if you just buy the SSD with a heatsink built in then it's plug and play already. The outer panel requires no tools to remove and the same single screw driver needed to replace the HDD on a PS3 or 4. Actually it's more steps on PS3 and 4 since you have to swap the hard drive tray between drives when replacing which uses 4 screws. So objectively it looks to be less complex but ust in a different form factor than some people are used to. Two screws and one panel vs 5 screws and 1 small panel. Objectively which one sounds easier to deal with?

boing157d ago


But that's exactly what I mean. I'm not talking about physically installing it. That is super easy and anyone can do it. I'm talking about all the variables needed to meet the specs. That's not for casual user yet. And if heat sink is so required, there is also a chance you will fry something if you do it incorrectly.

Neonridr57d ago

don't forget the heatsink though.

glennhkboy57d ago

Remember this is a beta testing, meaning that even Sony is not sure what will happen next. & Sony clearly stated that they will not be responsibility if anything go wrong.

FinalFantasyFanatic55d ago

Fair enough, Sony could just provide a list of compatible drives or they, or the manufactures can just start slapping PS5 compatible stickers on drives. From anecdotal evidence though, most people tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to finding compatible parts if they don't have experience with this type of thing.

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itsmebryan57d ago

Yes, true it more complex than then the Xbox storage solution. I don't understand why they are making their customers spend their money to beta test storage 8 months later.

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