Inside Blizzard Developers’ Infamous Bill ‘Cosby Suite’

Booze, sexual remarks, and a giant portrait of Cosby are all at the center of Activision lawsuit

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demonseye50d ago

I mean you can adore someone's art/movies etc, but still not agree with his actions. although in this case, I can see why this isn't looking good for them.

annoyedgamer50d ago

I hate the major game companies in America but I find this all very hard to believe.

monkey60250d ago

The French aren't doing much better

plmkoh50d ago

If it's on Kotaku you know it's fiction.

JustTheFax50d ago

I don't know why anyone would think this would be ok, let alone in a place of business.

aaronaton50d ago

It's clearly just drunken banter, people make Rohypnol jokes all the time.
Here in the UK, we're constantly making Jimmy Saville jokes, and he made Cosby look like a saint in comparison.
Proper 1st world offended problems again. They should try and work in China, and see how far a 'Winnie the Pooh' suite gets you.

zahdab50d ago

What kinda logic is that its like you tell someone "i fell and broke my foot" and they respond "ah... you're fine the other guy fell and broke his neck ... just walk it off"

aaronaton50d ago

i think in this case, they fell and chipped a nail.

DeusFever50d ago

Are you on Activision’s defense team?

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