Activision Announces Call Of Duty 4 Part II Modern Warfare 2: World At War Again

Confused by the recent announcement of a sequel to a Call of Duty sequel that might also be the sequel to a Call of Duty spinoff of a sequel? Let's get to the bottom of this!

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Nitrowolf23602d ago

So wait its WW2? or what?
As for the # drop they no longer use them anymore

Yoma3602d ago

"World at war" with modern techonogy instead of the old and boring one?

SixTwoTwo3602d ago

It says in COD6 there will be battles from WWII, modern day middle east wars, and futuristic wars ... O_O It sounds interesting ...

Cwalat3602d ago

W T F?

Why are they so thick headed ?

Just give us COD4 with better graphics and newer guns and more maps..

is that so hard you mofos ?

Kleptic3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

guys...its a joke...that isn't a real press release...

IW is making the 'sequel' to CoD will be similar...and will be awesome...again...

the guy is just making a joke out of how Activision confirmed the working title to be CoD: MW2...instead of CoD 5, as it was rumored...or CoD 6, as it 'should be'...although that in itself is pointless, as wasn't there already CoD games without numbers?...'the big red one' or something for PC...or was that an expansion?...its the only CoD game/expansion that I have never played...and didn't get very good reviews anyway...

but oh well...this is what happens when a publisher milks franchises, and gets multiple developers on board with that there is a title in the series every year...NFS for example...that should just start getting the annual name, like madden...NFS 08,09,etc...or better yet, EA should just drop that terd franchise every single one has sucked since the PS1 era...

the name of each and every CoD game from here out is going to be way around it...that is all this blog post is pointing out...

TheSadTruth3602d ago

Why do you have to tell the 12 year old morons with an iq of 80 that is a joke? Some of us were having a good laugh that such dumb people know how to use the internet.

airheadluffy3602d ago

i was about to believe it until they started talking about time traveling. it was a funny read.

Mozilla893602d ago

I love the title of this article, I can see it happening to COD 9 or something.

Millah3602d ago

I am honestly amazed at how stupid the majority of people are.

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freshkid13602d ago

na dont go back to old time even wit modern guns lets stay modern or go future !!! =]

Jager3602d ago

Bring on WW3

How much you wanna bet this takes place in 2012? :p
Wonder how they will pull this off... Please, no NATO vs Russia... Relations with Russia is already hitting the fan...

Can someone say "O Sh%t"?

Jager3602d ago

Than you :p

I predict WW3 in 2012. You heard it here first folks.

Edit: Damn, Nostradamus beat me by 500 years... that sob..

Shane Kim3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Lets milk this cow!!!
Why call it "Call of Duty 4 Part II Modern Warfare 2: World at War Again". Just call it "Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2"

IaMs123602d ago

This sounds sweet! Its just a matter of fact of if they could pull it off

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