Dead Space Remake: 5 Things We'd Love To See

Fear returns to space with the new Dead Space Remake, but how far will this one go, and what can we expect from it? We've got a few hopes.

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gantarat550d ago

I Hope Jacob Temple's role gets expanded in the remake.

He supposes to be Issac's partner in the original but gets cut due to budget.

myfathersbastard550d ago

I disagree. I feel it was for the better. Having a partner or someone else who is off helping in the background loses some of the tension of feeling isolated and alone.

gantarat550d ago

They said Remake will focuse more on the stroy.

I expect to be like Ellie or Carver that appear on cutscene and speak to Issac or DLC from his POV.

Einhander1971550d ago

The original was unbelievable, the whole feeling of isolation, terror, dread all rolled into one. Made it one of the best sci-fi horror experiences ever. Oh and the use of surround sound was stunning.