The Main Halo Games, Ranked

Which Halo games are the best? Here's our list.

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Profchaos59d ago

Purely opinion but for me it's
1) halo 3
2) halo combat evolved
3) halo reach
4) halo ODST
5) halo 2 unpopular opinion but I struggled to enjoy this game played through it in the original and remaster but it always felt like it wanted to be an expansion pack of 1
6) halo 5 only ranked it higher than 4 as I felt the gameplay was slightly better story though it was probably equal
7) halo 4
8) wars and Spartan assault games.

Rude-ro59d ago

Not arguing your taste in the games..
But ODST was literally suppose to be an expansion pack and was stretched to the 7hour campaign length…

Halo two is a full blown story with a solid 9+ hour campaign.
I just found your halo 2 felt like an expansion explanation very odd.

Via the history of the franchise..
2 was the demand frenzy that made a lot of noise for Microsoft and probably should be ranked for its part in the franchise history as #1
3 sold more, but it was packed in with consoles for a good amount of time thus fluffing the sales numbers.(not knocking it.. I just find it funny that a Kinect game that was packed in with it was the best selling game of that gen for Microsoft due to the same packaging deal. That did not deserve it and more than half of them did not even go to Xbox players due to pc players/programmers going nuts with buying up the Kinect for research.)

2, ce, reach, 3 & odst for me.
The rest just pile up in one big meh category

Profchaos59d ago

I should probably explainnwhat I meant by 2 feeling like an expansion. I felt that while playing 2 judging purely from the campaign perspective as that's where I spend 90% of my game time in that the story want anywhere near as gripping as Halo CE was back in 2005.
It felt like a game that repeated environments and scenarios and the story was ultimately jarring I know Halo 1 had a massive amount of backtrack but it still felt justified by its storytelling. To me I know it's the most popular game in many people's eyes and really is what made xbl a viable platform and introduced online play to many console gamers but to me it felt like the development of the game was fractured between story and mp and it felt like the last half of the story suffered. Now it's by no means a bad game but unless you were playing it through couch co op it wasn't all that interesting.

ODST was an expansion to 3 but it felt like it could stand on its own and I believe it did get a standalone release as a bundled with fable at one point. But ODST threw you into the role of a marine no fancy suit in a semi open world something that was both new and exciting after three cheif games that had linear environments sure it's an expansion but it stands on its own plus has some emotional weight listening to the survivors tapes was always interesting.

Eamon59d ago

1) Halo 2
2) Halo Reach
3) Halo 3
4) Halo CE
5) Halo ODST (Music is like rank 1 or 2 though)
6) Halo 4
7) Halo 5 Guardians

- Halo 2 had the best story and gameplay and levels and (at the time) multiplayer.
- Halo Reach was Bungie's swansong and was almost perfect apart from lackluster opening level. IMO, the best MP at the moment.
- Halo 3 was a great ending to the trilogy with MP that surpassed Halo 2 but single player that didn't really innovate much.
- Halo CE began everything and revolutionised the FPS genre with a unique take at combining elements of military FPS, Arena shooters and huge sandbox environments. But there were some levels that were literally copypasta (such as The Library)
- Halo ODST was a great new take on the formula but was far too long. Should never have been its own game. The music is its best part of the experience though.
- Halo 4 was 1 step forward but 2 steps backward. A lot of potential but not enough time to think it through. The campaign was fine but the MP was abysmal. The numbers speak for themselves as it only took a couple of months before barely anyone was left in matchmaking.
- Halo 5 improved in its MP in that it basically became a full-fledged arena shooter, but its campaign was even worse than Halo 4's. It was obviously a massive stumble by 343 not being able to please everyone. And why Halo Infinite took a huge amount of time to make.