Microsoft Flight Simulator - Xbox Series X Review - Rocket Chainsaw

Rocket Chainsaw: If you’ve been feeling the travel itch through 18 months of pandemic and lockdown, then you may have found your new go-to chill-out game, as Microsoft Flight Simulator works great on the couch and on a big 4K screen.

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iplay1up262d ago

Looks fantastic on my Series X. The amount of detail and customization has never been so detailed, in any game/Sim before it!

itsmebryan62d ago

I haven't got a chance to play yet. But, is the "Top Gun" add-on included?

iplay1up262d ago

Yes it will be free DLC. 🙂

glennhkboy60d ago

For TopGun dlc, we have to wait until November.

Orchard62d ago

Metacritic just gave this a 'must play' badge: