Norman Reedus Trolls The Internet With Robbie The Silent Hill Rabbit

Norman Reedus has shared an Instagram video of him wearing a skeleton costume while standing next to Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill.

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🤞 please don’t make me buy a $500 PS4 to play PT


Alotta ppl selling PT PS4s on eBay, huh?

ElvisHuxley58d ago

Kinda regret selling my pro after I got a ps5. Shoulda put the game on a flash drive, is that even possible?

chicken_in_the_corn58d ago

Not sure about a flash drive but an external hard drive should have worked

Obelisk9258d ago

Man, if these Blue Box guys are just a real indie dev and not a hoax, they're gonna have a bad time...

Darkborn58d ago

It would have been funny if blue box had tweeted this image. They seem to keep fanning the flames and now other people are taking over with the fan.

ZombieGamerMan58d ago

After a recent tweet of theirs with a character wearing an eyepatch, I now know for a fact that this is another one of Kojima's God damn troll stunts. Abonden is Silent Hills or whatever concepts and ideas Kojima had for the game, Norman Reedus is in it again as a eye patch wearing dude, and this is Kojima just fanning the flames again like when he did when TPP

CaptainHenry91658d ago

Or maybe Norman Reedus is working with Blooper team

Darkborn58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I honestly doubt it. He said before he wants to continue working with Kojima on his next projects. He actually said he IS still working with Kojima a few months ago I believe.


CaptainHenry91658d ago (Edited 58d ago )

That doesn't mean it's Silent Hill. He can be working with Kojima on his next game and Blooper team for Silent Hill

Darkborn58d ago

@captainhenry True but why and how? Isn't he still on the walking dead and doing this Kojima game and now he's also supposed to be doing silent Hill with blooper? I remember an interview with him talking about how Kojima is a genius and he wanted to follow him around on his projects. I don't really see him jumping ship unless blooper was involved with kojima.

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The story is too old to be commented.